Saturday charity shopping

I had nothing planned today which was fine because I didn’t want to do anything too strenuous, I wanted an easy day. My easy day consisted of American pancakes with bacon and organic honey cooked by bf (I’m not keen on honey but my mum got me some organic stuff to make honey and lemon tea when I had a sore throat and I liked it!).

After pottering around the house I decided to walk down the road and check out some of the charity shops. Lately I’ve been buying a lot of books from them and have a few to get through, so this time I only skimmed the book section and concentrated on the clothing and accessories. I spotted a leather plaited belt in brown which would go well with summer dresses (high waisted style), it cost me £2. I then went to the vintage antique shop and just had a browse, i like the cute vintage miniature glass bottles and the collection of odd keys and photos, I didn’t come away with anything. I popped into another charity shop and saw these really cool floral shorts that looked almost like it was a tapestry but the colours were bright and modern… It was three sizes too big for me though. Instead I picked up some cheap £1 sunglasses! I proceeded to head home via the Co-op where I bought a baguette for lunch, they labelled it a Parisian Loaf.

Bf made us cherry tomatoes and egg mayo baguette for lunch and I had a glass of pimms minus the fruit as I didn’t have any, it was refreshing all the same!
Dress: vintage, belt: charity, cardi: H&M, sandals: vintage bhs

Sunglasses: charity

Belt: charity

Stuff In the vintage antique shop

Stuff in the charity shops


One lucky lady!

I was very spoilt, I came home with my bag full goodies from my Mother who has just returned from HK. I always love that she packs as much as she can and the majority of it being food! Like Mother like Daughter!

Here is the haul:

I’m excited to test out the  BB Cream as I’ve never used BB Cream before. I might write a review when I have time.

I went round to my parents’ house after work the day they returned with bf to fix a leaky float valve in the loft (this leaked whilst they were away but we isolated the water and waited for their return to fix) and ended up sorting out their laptop and putting on a new windscreen wiper. Afterwards we were treated to some tasty Chinese coconut cake and Pei Dan Sau (this) all the way from HK.

Today I have been sampling some hair accessories (I’m still developing designs as I’m not sure of these just yet) and making crème brûlée to take round to my parents as my sister requested I bring dessert! It was either crème brûlée or lemon drizzle cake, I think I was right to bring crème brûlée. I bought an extra one over for my mother and left it in the fridge, as I left my sister asked whether I was going to take it home, I told her it’s in the fridge. She asked whether I could use the blowtorch and caramelise the suger on top for her to have, my mother heard and quickly said “It’s mine, I’m eating it tomorrow”. Haha!! My mother is never like this, she is usually very generous! Guess not when it comes to crème brûlée!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Featured in Mollie Makes!

About a month ago I was contacted by Mollie Makes to have a bow-tie be featured in their wedding special, I sent them the high res photo and then forgot about it until my subscription (a birthday gift from my sister last year) came through the post. I wasn’t in the main magazine but this didn’t matter to me, the supplement was a magazine in it self and featured lots of lovely creative people, people I find inspiring and talented, people who’s blogs I follow. It was nice to be in a cool DIY wedding supplement with these people. 🙂

You can go on Monty’s to see the feature in this: