Busy Bee

I’ve been rushing around today running errands. First stop was a drive into the next town to return some Uni library books. While I was there I thought I might as well turn a chore into a fun outing so I had a wander around the shops! The town is quite affluent and I know why! The parking meter ripped me off! The sign said it was £1 an hour so I put it in £1.50 thinking an hour wouldn’t be enough. 

I bought a waterproof jacket, the type you wear to go camping or climbing and my lunch which is pictured below.


Locally caught crab and salad baguette.

After lunch the rest of the errands took place and is too boring to document!



I made this a while ago, it was my first time making Frittata and it was rather tasty! It’s extra scrumptious with tomato ketchup!