Relaxing Sundays

I’ve just finished eating lunch which was made by Mr GHF and it was very tasty indeed. It was smoked cracked pepper mackerel on rye bread with poached egg and a salad if crunchy iceberg lettuce, grated carrot, tomato and potato salad. I’m stuffed and now off to watch Grey’s Anatomy, I love Sunday afternoons on the sofa catching up on favourite programmes. I get quite addicted to things, few months ago I watched all of the Mad Men series, I was sad when it ended! Oh well I have my Grey’s at the moment!


Pets aren’t just for Xmas!

Well this one was just for Xmas! We were looking after this little dog for a family friend over Xmas for 3 days. He was such a cutie! I’ve been wanting a pet for a few years now but because I’ve never had pets growing up I’m scared I won’t be able to look after them well enough. I worry that they might be hard to look after and I don’t want to be that person who gets a pet and then get rid of it! I would love a pug but I definitely cannot afford one, the price tag ranges from £500-£1000! At the moment I’m looking to go to a rescue centre to find myself a little kitty. I quite like Persians, Ragdolls, British short haired, Scottish Folds or just a non pedigree ginger tom or tabby.

First week back blues

This week has been the longest week at work, it shouldn’t feel it really since I was only in for four days! So it’s no surprise I had a lie-in over the weekend! My body would wake me up at 9am (relatively early for a weekend!) and then I would play around on my iphone for about 45mins before I fall asleep again! It’ll be about 12pm when I wake up for the second time! I do love sleeping but I also feel terribly guilty for wasting my day!

Below is a curry take-away we ordered for New Year’s Eve. No take-away has touched our lips since 2010, this probably won’t last long!

New coat

I received my new coat today from ASOS! This coat comes in two colours, tobacco (the one I bought) and navy, I went with the tobacco because I have a lot of dark coats already and thought I should be a bit different for once! The fit was good and the coat is quite light weight, I imagined it to be heavier. Therefore the fabric (I think it’s wool) is quite thin, making it more of a autumn coat than a winter one. It’s also a bit creased from being in the box it was delivered in, I hope it drops out soon!
What do you think of the colour? I do like it as it has quite a vintage vibe however I’m not too sure it goes with my skin tone. What do you think??