No proof…

…but I have been cooking up a storm these past few days! A few days ago I made pork chops, peas, broccoli and “the best roast potatoes ever ” (as quoted by the bff (bff=bf+fiance)). When I got them out of the oven I was pleased to see a lovely golden crispy outer and did think to myself that it was the best I’ve seen! So it was nice to get a compliment on my spuds! 

Like I said I have no proof but trust me they were tasty!



to: sylvester+mama , it was very tasty indeed!


Yay it’s the weekend!

I’ve been looking forward to this time all week! It has been a very tiring week and I can’t believe it was Xmas a few weeks ago, it feel’s like it was months ago! Occasionally on Friday evenings when my fiance and I are tired from the exhausting week, we like to treat ourselves to some good food , preferably cooked by some else! We like to order a take away… usually food of the indian kind as there are better curry places than any other cuisines around here. If there were any Japanese or Thai take-away places I’d put them on speed-dial! That is the one thing I do miss about London, Pad Thai, Katsu Curry, Udon and Sushi. It has been 7 months now not living in the capital.

Here is a typical curry my fiance and I tend to order to share (sorry about the blurriness, it’s hard taking photos when your body can’t stand still because it is in need of some curry!!)…

Currydsc_0059The order consists of: Onion Bhajees with a wedge of lemon, Bag of free onions (yuck), Peshwari Naan, Rice, Chicken Balti, Lamb Pathia, Poppodoms and Raita sauce.

ps, feel’s weird calling my bf, fiance! Actually it’s my first time calling him that ever! I’m not sure I’ll carry on calling him it!

Xmas baking

I made 3 of these Lemon Roulades, 1 on Xmas Eve to be consumed that evening and 2 late at night during Xmas Eve ready for Xmas evening meal. I don’t think I will bake at midnight ever again, it’s too tiring. Also why bother when you can go to Iceland and buy a better looking one!! But maybe I did not bake in vain as hopefully mine tasted better! 🙂


Chinese macaroni broth

I had some fresh chicken stock to use up and so decided to make chinese macaroni broth. This is a classic dish you can buy in Hong Kong cafes and usually comes with spam and a fried egg on top. When I was a child in HK my Grandma would take me for some in the local cafe near her house. The dish came out well and warmed me right up!