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First Ever Giveaway

It been roughly a year since I started Monty’s, so to celebrate and thank everyone who have supported me by following my progress I am holding a giveaway. I am opening this up to everyone in the UK and abroad, standard 2nd class delivery will apply. The giveaway will end Sunday 12th August 2012.

A choice of one of the following hair accessories!

Flamingo Heart

20120805-031948 PM.jpg

Gold Feather

20120805-032023 PM.jpg

Diamond Bling

20120805-032103 PM.jpg

Please click this to enter!

If you don’t win, don’t worry check out Monty’s for a wider range of hair accessories available.

PS, please bear with me if there are any hiccups with this giveaway as I’ve never hosted a giveaway or used rafflecopter before. x<!

About Monty’s…

…according to this website URLAI found via Jen.

18th most happy blog! That’s great if it’s true. 🙂

Monty’s has evolved into more than specialising in bow-ties, I don’t think I can just stick to one thing, I’m always on the look out to develop new products to keep Monty’s fresh and interesting. The newest products currently on the website are hair clips. My inspiration behind them started from a conversation on swallow tattoos and their meanings. One meaning is the person with the swallow tattoo has been in prison, doing “bird” and the other meaning is that the person was or is in the Navy. The reason they chose to have a swallow is because they believe that the swallow will protect them out at sea and if ever they were lost at sea the swallow will take their soul up to heaven. I like this meaning. I personally don’t have any tattoos but I do appreciate some of the vintage styles of sailor Jerry tattoos.

I had trouble with FB so had to set up a new Monty’s page which means I have lost all my likers. I was lucky the first time round managing to get around 500 likes, I hope you can take the time and like my page here. Thank you!

I was thinking I might do a hair clip giveaway but I’m not sure many will enter which will be a bit embarrassing! Leave me a comment and tell me what do you think? Should I wait until I get more likers? Decisions decisions!

Monty’s, purveyor of fine goods

I’d like to introduce my new venture, Monty’s, purveyor of fine goods. I’m currently creating vintage inspired hand made bow ties, they the self-tie type and are adjustable. I have been working on this for 4 weeks now, I’ve been working hard sourcing fabric, packaging, stickers, metal trims and labels as well as actually making them. It has been tiring and stressful at times but I really want it to look good for when I sell them at a vintage boutique market towards the end of July.

What do you think of them?

Due to time constraints I was limited with packaging and label options, I was unable to do what I wanted.

The brown colour on the sticker is a bit too red for my liking. As you all probably know colour on screen is not  going to be  exactly the same when printed. I’m really hoping it works out for me as I have been stressing about the stickers today!

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