Posing Hasbeen!

After being inspired by a twitter friend, Vicky from The Owl and Accordion I decided to try my luck and enter the Style-Is competition. To enter you have to take a photo of yourself in an outfit that is either sustainable, vintage, second hand, upcycled or something made locally. In return you could win £100 of vouchers to spend in Spartoo, a footwear company.

I knew I’d be able to come up with something as I tend to shop a lot in charity shops and vintage stores, plus I make my own things when I have the time. I did however have a hard time in deciding what to wear, but I knew I wanted to pose in my new Hasbeens, so the task was to dress around them! I was originally going to wear my charity shop vintage M&S faux fur-coat on top of the dress but I decided against it. Although the fur would not be out of place considering the chilly weather we’ve been having, I wanted a spring look, so chose an old jacket from River Island bought in sale. I like to try and get away with clashing print on print!

Now onto the outfit, here I am rocking sustainable style for the @style__is Fashion Bloggers Competition:

My outfit consisted of: Jacket from River Island (sale), Bally handbag from Charity Shop, Sandals from Swedish Hasbeens, Dress made by my own fair hands 2 years ago!

Me with Ziggy sleeping by my feet.

Me posing to the side so you can see my hair-clip I made.

Me having a rest!

I’d like to see your outfits if you enter! 🙂


Home made

As mentioned previously I have finally finished me crochet cushion, which was inspired by Mollie Makes (a fab craft magazine that was subscribed for me by my sister for my birthday last year) it’s in the style of granny squares and all hand crocheted by me.

This is the front:

It’s made of 36 squares.

This is the back:

Instead of more squares I just did rounds using a mix of wools.

This is the fastening:

I used odd buttons from my button starch as I wanted this cushion to be made from materials I had at home. The only thing I had to buy for this project was the inner cushion (from IKEA) and some cream wool.

I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out, in fact its the most I’ve ever crocheted! If you would like to crochet this I did a post about it here.

Now on to the next project I’ve left to gather dust:



Chinese New Year’s Eve

I spent the afternoon vacuuming around the house as it’s Chinese New Year tomorrow and you’re supposed to do a spring clean around the house to get rid of any bad luck that may have accumulated in the year. Also you shouldn’t clean for the first few days of the New Year, if you do any sweeping you’ll risk sweeping away your good luck! Good excuse for me!

Apart from a bit of vacuuming we spent the weekend watching two movies, we call this our couch date. On Saturday we watched Shaolin Soccer which was a typical Stephen Chow comedy, I think you have to get Chinese humour  to enjoy this one, or if you liked Kung Fu Hustle. The second film we watch was Rise of the Planet of the Apes which also was enjoyable, I really like James Franco though I didn’t recognise him to start with, he’s not as skinny as he used to be!

Weekend cooking: Sat- Bacon & maple syrup pancakes, tuna melt panini, chilli con carne with scotch bonnet (though it was not very fiery). Sun- Bacon & maple syrup pancakes, left over chili con carne, beef stew and roast potatoes.

Slow cooked beef stew.

Ziggy wanting to watch film too.

Bf made this for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. 🙂

Sunday stroll

I like when we have a Sunday with no chores to do. We can only usually do this when we are proactive on Saturday, which at times can be hard after a stressful Friday. Anyway today we had a stroll through our village via the meadow though it was a little muddy. I did have wellies but I’m strange and don’t like to get them too dirty!




After the walk we came home and I made ramen for lunch which I’ve not made for such a long time!


They are finally up!

I’ve been collecting pictures and frames for over a year now for a wall in my lounge. I wanted to find pictures I like so it has taken me a while to collect! One Sunday Mr GHF was doing some DIY so I decided to do some too. I got out the hammer and picture hooks after arranging the pictures on the floor, I kept it random and clustered it together as I want to cover as much wall as I can.

Here is a photo of my handy work… only half are up:

I have more to hang up and a few of them are antique gold coloured frames which I found in a local charity shop. I love charity shops! Most of the frames were relatively cheap apart from the the white one in the middle. I received that one from Mr GHF for my birthday last year, he got it from Laura Ashley.

It’s nearly over

Today is the last day of relaxation, I have had 2 weeks off work plus extra days off for May day and the royal wedding.  It has been lovely, especially at the start of the holidays when the weather was incredibly hot and sunny. I love the sunshine, not that I like sitting in it for too long (I don’t want to get wrinkles!), it just makes me happy seeing it bright outside. I think I have SAD at times (Seasonal Affective Disorder)  because when the sun isn’t out it puts me in a unmotivated mood. I don’t feel like going out or doing much. Do any of you feel the same?

These are some of the things I got up to:

I made chocolate and strawberry mini tarts, hung out with Ziggy my cat, lounged in my deckchair out in the garden, met with friends for lunch, walked around my local area and met a local dog.

Please get warmer

I’m not well. I have a terrible cold which is my 3rd since Xmas, I can’t believe my immune system is not very strong at the moment. I have been a little stressed and have been trying to make difficult decisions which I’ve still not made yet, but I do have a few weeks to do it.

On Tuesday I came home shattered after a night of lindy hopping. Although it was tiring I really enjoyed it. I was able to practice some Charleston moves which included the famous 1920 classic steps:

Mr GHF has finally trained Ziggy to use the proper cat bed. Ziggy usually curls up into it snuggly but sometimes he enjoys sticking out one leg! He is so cute! You may notice the floor is a bit ugly with paint marks on the wooden boards, this is what we discovered when we pulled up the carpet when we moved in. We are yet to paint the floor white! I’m not looking forward to this as I’m sure this will disrupt Ziggy and possibly stress him out. I wonder what pet owners do with their pets when they redecorate their homes? Any tips?