What do you think?

So here it is, my 3 day dress. I started this on a late Friday afternoon and completed it on Sunday early evening. I am quite pleased with it and look forward to wear it come spring.

I’m planning on making another dress…


9 hours later…

I have completed the bodice of the dress! I started this yesterday around 4.30pm after buying the pattern and fabric, it took me a while to decide on what size to cut out as I didn’t know whether to go for my RTW dress size or follow the pattern measurements sizing guide.

This has taken me back to my Uni days, I haven’t really properly made clothing since then, I graduated in 2004 so that is 7 years ago!

Ps, If you read this and you are human can you leave me a message? I seem to have only robots reading this?! My traffic seems to come from auto-finance websites and the likes! STRANGE!

Fabric Shopping

Today I spent far too long searching for fabric to make into a dress (using the pattern I bought from the vintage shop). There were some lovely prints but I just could not envision myself wear the lovely prints as I feel some prints look like as cushions but would not look good worn!

I ended up being quite conservative with my choice and came away with this:

I also have been wanting to make myself a quilt for some time and found some a cute pack of fabric:

After fabric shopping I went and had a look in the charity shops nearby but came away with nothing, but I did come away from M&S with their great £10 meal deal, croissants and redcurrant puffs! I love M&S, the offer is great, you get a main, sides, dessert and wine all for £10! We’ll have that tomorrow as I have already planned tonight’s dinner. In the fridge at the moment are some ribs sitting in my chinese style honey and soy marinade.

Right I better finish off my Victoria Sponge, I left it to cook and now I think it’s ready for the cream and raspberry jam in the middle.

I am happy:

M and M time!

Yesterday I met up with my friend for a day of quality M and M time (both our initials)! Both with busy lives we don’t get to see each other when ever we like so I was looking forward to just hanging out. The day consisted of relaxation in the spa, John Lewis browsing, sharing swing music, lindy hopping and tea and cake eating! One of my favourite things to do is to just leisurely spend time with a good friend, that way we can do things at our own pace, I don’t like having to dash around.

Here are some pictures of the day:(Granny quilted jacket, Liberty print headscarf for comic relief both from TKmaxx)

(Vintage pattern)


(Tea and massive scone!)

(After steam room , jacuzzi and sauna!)

First day off

Today was a day of errands and TK maxx time! TK maxx just so happened to be situated between my errands so I used this as an interval to break up my errand running. I managed to find a quilted country-style jacket, a red nose headscarf and some HH tights. I have been wanting a quilted jacket for a while now and had my eyes on a Joules quilted jacket in red for many months as I loved the floral patterned lining, however at £79.99 I could not bring myself to part with my cash.

The one I found in TK maxx is by a mature ladies brand Dannimac, I’m definitely not their target market but I like this jacket and I’m not fussed with buying old lady-wear! I don’t have a great picture but here are some below:

Baking for a sugar-fix!

It was 9pm when I finally decided to sort out my sugar-fix! I had been craving something sweet since 7pm was feeling rather lazy after dinner to do anything about it.

The end product was this a Lemon Drizzle Cake. I am loving lemon at the moment, especially if it’s slightly sharper than sweet. Below are some I sliced up for friends.


We’re not really over the top when it comes down to Valentine’s Day, however we do generally make or buy each other a cute card or gift. This year I bought my valentines a original vintage card, I’m not sure what year it was printed but I’m guessing it’s fifties. It’s not really PC but I loved the cuteness.

I received a home made one:

It made my day 🙂