Like a Tea Tray in the Sky

On Tuesday I woke up to a nasty surprise, my wing mirror had been knocked and smashed to smithereens! Great start to the day! Luckily I have a great garage nearby and they sorted it by ordering the parts and fixing it by the next morning. Meanwhile we took the train into town and had a day of wandering the library, park and charity shops, but before that we had to re-fuel with cake!


I’ve wanted to try Like a Tea Tray in the Sky for a while now as I’ve heard interesting things about it, such as it having a back room that sells independent crafter’s wares.


Upon arriving the place was relaxed with only 3 other couples. I liked that it was not packed and overly busy. This meant the service was attentive and the chap serving was friendly. I liked the layout and applaud them for not thinking about how many covers they can fit in! It was so nice not to feel crammed in and claustrophobic. The decor was a mish-mash of Victoriana and Parisian with a bit of fun thrown in. The fun being the Dodo mural on the wall (from Alice in Wonderland), big pot plants and the working Bakerlite telephone that was ringing loudly.


Initial impression was good so now it was time to order. I went to the classic Victoria sponge £3.50 (the other things on display was lemon drizzle, chocolate sponge and tea loaf) and a hot chocolate. Husband ordered a ham and mustard sandwich on brown bread and a Lemon Sanpellegrino.


I was delighted with the food, the cake was spongy and light, with a good about of jam and fresh whipped cream (my favourite over butter cream). Because it was on display I did worry that it might be a bit dry, but nope it was all good! The hot chocolate (£2.50 I think) was served in a generous size cup and it was piping hot, just how I like it. It was frothy and creamy so I’m glad I didn’t ask for marshmallow and cream. The sandwich was quite substantial with good thick slices of bread, I would have liked more ham and mustard as I didn’t get much of a mustard kick. The side salad was more than just a garnish like most places, this salad was one you’d want to eat! It consisted of lambs lettuce, beetroot leaves, radishes and beetroot. At £5.95 I would have liked some crisps too.



Overall I enjoyed Like a Tea Tray in the Sky, it’s one I would come back to.



Lately I have a thing for tuna and cucumber baguettes (if I can’t get hold of a baguette I use sliced wholemeal bread).


My special way of making it is as follows:

1, Open can of tuna and put into a bowl

2, Add 2 small tablespoons of light mayonnaise into bowl of tuna

3, Chop up a stalk of spring onion and sprinkle into bowl of tuna and mayo and mix

4, Season with black pepper and a squirt of lemon juice

5, Lightly butter bread and spread tuna mixture on top

6, Chop up some cucumber and add this on top of the tuna mixture

7, Cut in half and EAT