Easter Break

I’ve not really done anything exciting lately, just spent my time sleeping, playing on Just Dance, watching Food Network, eating (a lot), and reading. It’s been relaxing, I love spending time on myself to do what I like, I can stay indoors and not venture out for a good few days, I believe I may be called a hermit! However today I did venture out and bought a few bits from Waitrose, Superdrug and TK Maxx.

Here are things I’ve been doing in pictures:

I bought these watercolours last summer and felt that it was about time I got them out again! I’m doing a little project for myself so want to get back in to drawing and painting.

Whilst getting bits for lunch in Waitrose the idea of using our raclette popped into husband’s head at the cheese counter. Great idea, I enjoyed our little raclette party (of two).

I went into buy Superdrug to buy Bourjois foundation (my Bobbi Brown Skin foundation is running low and I wanted a cheaper everyday one for work) but came out buying products from Gosh (using the 3 for 2 promo) and a MUA highlighter.

I’ve been reading John Wyndham books lately as I finished Life of Pi (lovely book!), my husband enjoys Wyndham books and have been trying to get me to read some of his favourites. The first book I read was Chocky which was enjoyable and rather interesting as the story is about a boy who hears voices in his head! I’m now onto The Day of the Triffids.

We saw some globe artichokes at our local Morrisons and decided to buy them as a treat, we’ve both not had these since we were young. We had one each and it was mega filling!!! I would recommend you share one. I just made a butter dip, I say made, what I really did was melt it!