Charity shop finds

After doing the chores around the house, which included hanging out the washing twice! I risked hanging it outside while it was overcast and low and behold after 20mins or so it started to rain!

I had a few errands to run so I put on my wellies and  grabbed my umbrella and headed down the road. After the errands I popped into my four local charity shops for a browse. The first thing I picked up was a job lot of dress patterns and reels of cotton, I wasn’t sure whether to get them as they are vintage sizes but after checking out the measurements I think it’ll be the right size for me. I also bought a brand new box to put my reels of cotton in, I couldn’t resist the matryoshka doll print.


What shoes?

I’m off to a wedding in a few weeks and I have already planned what I will be wearing. A few months ago I made a dress, I was putting my fashion degree to good use! I really should put in more effort with being creative in my free time, though saying that I have been cutting out hundred of triangles to make a quilt.

The Rose Dress (I’ve changed the straps from spaghetti straps to thicker one as I think it makes my top half broader with spaghetti straps, too much skin showing):

I need to find some shoes that will go with my dress. I have a few pairs but I kind of what something new! I will make do with an old pair if I can’t find anything I like.  I’m leaning towards wedges, maybe something like this from ASOS

…or these red ones from Office, though does this one look too casual and too bright?

They are finally up!

I’ve been collecting pictures and frames for over a year now for a wall in my lounge. I wanted to find pictures I like so it has taken me a while to collect! One Sunday Mr GHF was doing some DIY so I decided to do some too. I got out the hammer and picture hooks after arranging the pictures on the floor, I kept it random and clustered it together as I want to cover as much wall as I can.

Here is a photo of my handy work… only half are up:

I have more to hang up and a few of them are antique gold coloured frames which I found in a local charity shop. I love charity shops! Most of the frames were relatively cheap apart from the the white one in the middle. I received that one from Mr GHF for my birthday last year, he got it from Laura Ashley.

It’s nearly over

Today is the last day of relaxation, I have had 2 weeks off work plus extra days off for May day and the royal wedding.  It has been lovely, especially at the start of the holidays when the weather was incredibly hot and sunny. I love the sunshine, not that I like sitting in it for too long (I don’t want to get wrinkles!), it just makes me happy seeing it bright outside. I think I have SAD at times (Seasonal Affective Disorder)  because when the sun isn’t out it puts me in a unmotivated mood. I don’t feel like going out or doing much. Do any of you feel the same?

These are some of the things I got up to:

I made chocolate and strawberry mini tarts, hung out with Ziggy my cat, lounged in my deckchair out in the garden, met with friends for lunch, walked around my local area and met a local dog.