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Summer is over

I’ve had a great summer so far, end of July and August gave us some lovely weather, there were definitely days of intense sunshine that was enjoyed. What I will remember most this summer is the time I spent with some good friends, plus the day trips and mini weekend away break bf and I went on. It’s been a busy and fun summer indeed, that’s why I feel blue it’s ending! I’ll be returning back to work next week which means early morning wake-ups and longings for afternoon naps. It really has been a great summer, thank you friends and bf for making it a memorable one.

I will miss you summer.

Behind me were people lindy hopping, I wanted to join in!

Close up. The atmosphere was so relaxed, Berliners were drinking but weren’t rowdy.

Kids and adults like to have a paddle in here.

I like the window display and neon sign.

Pinocchio and I having a break.

Food in Berlin Part l

As you all know I really enjoy eating so here is a post on the food I sampled in Berlin!

The very first thing I tried in Berlin was Hazelnut ice cream from Bandy Brooks, I ordered one scoop in a sugar cone (€1.90). Ever since Italy I have always favoured Hazelnut, I can’t get enough of it, the ice cream here is just as good.

ImageThis is me with zero sleep and no make-up.

We also sampled Berlin’s most famous street food, currywurst and pommes frites (curry sausage and chips). You can get this everywhere around Berlin and it’s very popular with everyone, from grandmas to businessmen and tourists! The price is around €3-5 for a paper bowl of currywurst and pommes frites, they charge extra for mayo. They cut the sausage and then sprinkle curry spices and flavourings on top then squirt a load of ketchup mix on top and then serve with chips. If you order mayo they dollop it on top. I’m not keen on this dolloping, I’d much prefer them serve it on the side! This is a very tasty but unhealthy snack so we shared it!


We got quite into frozen yoghurts since we discovered Wonderpots beneath the railway arches on Georgenstraße street. The shop is very alluring with it’s lovely interior and relaxed decor, I was drawn in by the big comfy sofa and the snazzy counter. We ordered a medium pot with 3 toppings that cost €4.50. There’s only one flavour yoghurt (plain) and many toppings. We ate there twice, the first time we have mango puree, blueberry and sugar coated nuts. I thought the nuts were going to be the kind we get in the UK from the ice cream van, but these were coated in sugar and didn’t taste nutty at all. The second time I enjoyed the toppings much more. I ordered fresh mango, watermelon pieces and crunchy muesli. If I lived in Berlin this place would definitely be my regular. I love that you can relax here, they even have magazines and board games! We had a game of connect 4 and bf won because I wasn’t paying attention.ImageImageImage


Back from Berlin

I haven’t had a holiday with bf since Brussels and I think that was in 2009. Finally we were able to go away for a few days and I picked Berlin. We’re not the type that enjoy beach holidays, though I have never been on any, I just don’t enjoy basking in the sun and heat for a long period of time. I don’t want my face to turn into a prune when I’m old. I enjoy city breaks where you get to sample local cuisine, see architecture and shops etc. I also enjoy browsing foreign supermarkets!?

One main reason I wanted to go to Berlin was to check out the vintage stores and markets, plus I’m fascinated with the past divide of East and West and wanted to see any glimpses of the past. I really enjoyed Berlin, it has a nice relaxed atmosphere though I found the city to be vast and there were construction sites nearly everywhere we turned, so definitely not a pretty city like Paris or Amsterdam. The cafes/restaurants/shops/markets that I marked to visit were so spread out that the majority of them had only that establishment in that street. Maybe that’s why so many Berliners ride a bicycle. Although some areas didn’t look all that clean with lots of posters and graffiti I felt safe, but maybe we never were in any rough neighbourhoods? We tried local street food such as the currywurst & pomme frites and Turkish kebabs. There’s a lot of Vietnamese immigrants in Berlin so there was an abundance of Vietnamese cafes and restaurants. Most seems very popular, we tried out a restaurant Ho Vang and I ordered Pho Bo (My go to Vietnamese dish) and bf had Chilli Chicken Lemongrass with rice. Both dishes were very flavoursome but I was disappointed with the waitress failing to understand what Hoisin sauce was and then at the end of the meal I saw rows of the stuff on the counter! I had even demonstrated to her how to put it on the Pho Bo in the hope it would jog her memory!

Anyway here are some pics of day 1:


Wooden toy shop


Outside hotel

Ho Vang Vietnamese Restaurant (this came to roughly £16 including soft drinks)

The famous Mustafa’s kebab stall

Giant me half asleep (been up for nearly 48 hrs!)