I made these cherry and vanilla cupcakes this morning!



We got our chimney swept recently so I was eagar to buy some firewood to light a raging fire! I did it!


Lately I’ve been getting cravings for proper Chinese food, it’s probably been spurred on by Chinese New Year and not having family here to celebrate with. I finally made it over to the Chinese supermarket and soon filled the basket!
So this week I made udon noodles, cha siu baos, siu mais and bubble tea!

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…

On Saturday we had lunch at a local French style cafe. I ordered this raspberry milkshake and it came in a nice vintage style glass with a curled straw. The flavour was ok, probably because of the vanilla ice cream as the raspberry flavour was mainly a syrup. There was no fresh raspberry at all, you could not tell it apart from vanilla milkshake as it was all white! Their milkshake definitely won’t be bringing me back to their yard. The food didn’t impress either. It’s strange because it was packed. Mind boggling!