I’m so glad it’s the weekend! Although I’ve only had a two day week I am absolutely shattered! As I was driving home this today I was concentrating really hard to keep my eyes open, it didn’t help that the sun was blinding me! It was inevitable that we’d have a take-away tonight, so curry it was. I even managed to polish of some Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream! I have no picture so here’s a picture of me on my summer vacation in Rome sampling the delights of Italian Gelato!


Midnight Snacking

The other night I was craving Chinese food, I don’t know what came over me as it was approaching midnight! My willpower failed me and I found myself searching for something to satisfy my stomach! I found some Chinese noodles my mum gave me and cooked those! It was some kind of soy flavour with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. I did enjoy it but felt rather guilty afterwards!!