Waiting for the sun

I received this necklace from my valentine. It’s a vintage hand-made piece made from glass, so it’s quite weighty and cold to the skin! I really like it because it’s rather unusual and the colours give off a summer vibe. I’ll definitely be wear this piece with a summer dress when the weather warms up.


Feed me cake!

Last week I baked a traditional Victoria sponge for a birthday girl as per her request when I asked what she’d like. She was over joyed with her name on the cake and when cutting the cake she didn’t want to cut into her name as she wanted to show her friend! Haha.

Giant Scone

Whilst driving home from food shopping I was planning on eating scones and drinking tea when I got in. So as soon as the bags were unpacked I made myself some scones. The recipe said it’ll make 10 but because I couldn’t find my cutters I used one of those food stacking rings (the ones that keep the food in shape, like if you were to pile a ring of layered veg?!?). Anyway so I ended up with 2 giant scones, 1 medium and 1 small (both hand formed).

I am stuffed! I ate 1 giant scone with raspberry jam and extra thick cream, instead of clotted.


Today I felt like wearing a clash of colours, textures and prints. Im wearing grey and black aztek looking printed leggings. On top I have on a velvet floral printed tight fitted dress and chunky short sleeved cardi, finished off with a knitted mixed coloured scarf!
Ok I think I’m ready to pop to Waitrose now!

Gimme meatballs!

We drove to Ikea to get some mini cupboard type things for our Expedit bookshelves. It takes about 45 minutes to drive there so we made it worthwhile by having my favourite meatball dish! It’s not grand but I do love Ikea meatballs, especially when it was only £1.50 (Wednesday offer after 3pm)! I especially love the creamy gravy and lingonberry sauce that it’s served with, however I’m not keen on how it’s served. The server just slops it on as if you were in a prison canteen or an orthanage, think Oliver Twist!

Busy week off!

I have spent Monday, Tuesday and today painting my front room, it has been exhausting but the end is nearly in sight! Only 1 more wall to finish! It’s been really hard painting a room that id filled with furniture and stuff.

I have an open fire with a wooden mantle but I’m not sure I like the wood colour. Shall I paint it white?