Keeping Busy

Since I have a lot of time on my hand I need to keep myself busy, especially now the weather is turning I can see myself getting stuck in a rut, the sofa and blanket rut! The weather can really affect my mood and drain my motivation, I have to plan things to try and stay productive otherwise I’ll feel guilty that I’ve wasted my day.

Here are some of the things I’ve been up to:

(Excuse the non-pose! I wasn’t ready!) We took a walk to the village via the meadow, it’s nice having it so close by. One minute you are by a busy road and the next minute it feels like you are far away in a rural countryside.

After the walk I decided it was about time I finish my granny crochet cushion once and for all! It’s been hanging around for months as I’ve not been motivated with crafting lately. It was nice to get it complete and use it.

I spent some time with Ziggy, at the moment his favourite toy is this piece of brown twine. He loves it!

Yesterday I had the day to myself and decided to re-pot this jade plant that was given to me my a colleague who is retiring. She knows how much I like plants and also gave me an aloe vera plant too.

I decided to bake a cake for a friend who visited me today.

I made coffee and walnut cake, I don’t tend to make this much, I’m not sure why as I do like a good coffee and walnut cake. My friend said it was really good, I cut myself a piece that was too big and had to leave some!

I have a wedding to attend on Thursday, it’s only for the evening-do so I’ll have time hang out with my friend before hand and do a bit of shopping and just spend time with her. With my job a lot of the time I am drained by the weekend so it’s hard to see friends, however I am very good at keeping in contact by texting or using twitter and instagram, though it’s not always returned. Lately I have thought about how some people I know are rather self absorbed and how a nice text or a message does not take too much effort to keep in touch. I am the type that will always respond to a message as I think it’s rude if you don’t, especially because someone has taken the time to contact you. I’d like to know why some people think it’s ok not to respond!

To end on a happy note, aswell as seeing a few friends this week I am meeting an old friend of mine (from my fashion buying days) in Brighton for a day of eating and shopping in two weeks time! I did leave a lot of friends behind in London when I moved down here so it’s extra special seeing them when I can. If anyone has any recommendations for things to eat and do in Brighton I would love to hear from you. 🙂


One lucky lady!

I was very spoilt, I came home with my bag full goodies from my Mother who has just returned from HK. I always love that she packs as much as she can and the majority of it being food! Like Mother like Daughter!

Here is the haul:

I’m excited to test out the  BB Cream as I’ve never used BB Cream before. I might write a review when I have time.

I went round to my parents’ house after work the day they returned with bf to fix a leaky float valve in the loft (this leaked whilst they were away but we isolated the water and waited for their return to fix) and ended up sorting out their laptop and putting on a new windscreen wiper. Afterwards we were treated to some tasty Chinese coconut cake and Pei Dan Sau (this) all the way from HK.

Today I have been sampling some hair accessories (I’m still developing designs as I’m not sure of these just yet) and making crème brûlée to take round to my parents as my sister requested I bring dessert! It was either crème brûlée or lemon drizzle cake, I think I was right to bring crème brûlée. I bought an extra one over for my mother and left it in the fridge, as I left my sister asked whether I was going to take it home, I told her it’s in the fridge. She asked whether I could use the blowtorch and caramelise the suger on top for her to have, my mother heard and quickly said “It’s mine, I’m eating it tomorrow”. Haha!! My mother is never like this, she is usually very generous! Guess not when it comes to crème brûlée!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Most depressing day of the year

Today is not most depressing day of the year, apparently it’s always the 3rd Monday of January. I must say today for me wasn’t the greatest. I had to wake up to a cold morning, my car was covered in ice, I had crap hair and it was a Monday! I am extremely tired and grumpy on Mondays because I never can get a good night’s sleep on Sundays.

Although it wasn’t a great day I’m grateful that the cruise ship that sunk in Italy wasn’t the one my Mum is on! It’s the first time she’s been on one with her friend, I was quite surprised when she told me she’s booked the cruise. I wonder if they have TV on cruise ships and whether she’s seen the news? I kind of hope not!

Ziggy looking a bit worried, he’s probably not used to my DSLR point in his face as I hardly ever use it anymore! Since getting the iPhone 2.5 years ago I’ve been extremely lazy with photography, I must get back into taking photos.

Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Happy New Year 2012

I hope this year will be a great one for us all!

Christmas is my favourite time of year, here are some of my Christmas pictures.

Vintage decsPics: 1) Ziggy being cute, 2) 2nd year old Xmas tree, 3) Gifts from BF, 4) Crochet flower’s I made for sisters, 5) Vintage decorations I bought, 6) Lemon drizzle cakes I made for colleagues, 7) Choc Yule log I made for our Xmas Day dessert, 8) House given to be by BF, 9) First time I cooked Xmas meal for 5!, 10) Napkins I bought from Sainsbury’s.

It’s nearly over

Today is the last day of relaxation, I have had 2 weeks off work plus extra days off for May day and the royal wedding.  It has been lovely, especially at the start of the holidays when the weather was incredibly hot and sunny. I love the sunshine, not that I like sitting in it for too long (I don’t want to get wrinkles!), it just makes me happy seeing it bright outside. I think I have SAD at times (Seasonal Affective Disorder)  because when the sun isn’t out it puts me in a unmotivated mood. I don’t feel like going out or doing much. Do any of you feel the same?

These are some of the things I got up to:

I made chocolate and strawberry mini tarts, hung out with Ziggy my cat, lounged in my deckchair out in the garden, met with friends for lunch, walked around my local area and met a local dog.

Is it the weekend yet?

I had an extremely long and tiring day today so the thought of my home made Victoria sponge and tea was very appealing when the clock struck HOME TIME! I must say it’s one of the best Victoria sponge cakes I’ve made! It was so moist, the sponge was well risen so was nice and thick. I used extra thick (real) cream which was kind of like clotted cream, I didn’t need to whip it. When I served up I added a spoonful or two of extra cream.

Another reason I rushed home from work was to meet the women who home-check us when we were adopting Ziggy from the rescue centre. She’s a lovely lady, she gave use cat toys, cat bed, cat carrier and cat book when we adopted Ziggy. She dropped off the stuff the day after we got him. So we bought her some tulips from the florist to say thank you for being so kind.

I made a head-piece for the Swing Ball I’m attending next week:

I’m not sure how I’ll have my hair though. I know it was common to have a bob in the 1920s/30s but I have long hair. I might just keep it really straight as I will only have a few hours to get ready for it. What do you guys think? Any suggestions appreciated!

Confused Cat

My cat thinks he’s a dog! I’m a new cat owner so I’m not too clued up on how a cat should behave, however my fiance had a family cat so I know a little. Does your cat follow you from room to room or nudges your leg because it wants to be stroked? Does your cat sit next to you like they are on guard or when you stoke them they flop over?

Ziggy is so funny!