Keeping Busy

Since I have a lot of time on my hand I need to keep myself busy, especially now the weather is turning I can see myself getting stuck in a rut, the sofa and blanket rut! The weather can really affect my mood and drain my motivation, I have to plan things to try and stay productive otherwise I’ll feel guilty that I’ve wasted my day.

Here are some of the things I’ve been up to:

(Excuse the non-pose! I wasn’t ready!) We took a walk to the village via the meadow, it’s nice having it so close by. One minute you are by a busy road and the next minute it feels like you are far away in a rural countryside.

After the walk I decided it was about time I finish my granny crochet cushion once and for all! It’s been hanging around for months as I’ve not been motivated with crafting lately. It was nice to get it complete and use it.

I spent some time with Ziggy, at the moment his favourite toy is this piece of brown twine. He loves it!

Yesterday I had the day to myself and decided to re-pot this jade plant that was given to me my a colleague who is retiring. She knows how much I like plants and also gave me an aloe vera plant too.

I decided to bake a cake for a friend who visited me today.

I made coffee and walnut cake, I don’t tend to make this much, I’m not sure why as I do like a good coffee and walnut cake. My friend said it was really good, I cut myself a piece that was too big and had to leave some!

I have a wedding to attend on Thursday, it’s only for the evening-do so I’ll have time hang out with my friend before hand and do a bit of shopping and just spend time with her. With my job a lot of the time I am drained by the weekend so it’s hard to see friends, however I am very good at keeping in contact by texting or using twitter and instagram, though it’s not always returned. Lately I have thought about how some people I know are rather self absorbed and how a nice text or a message does not take too much effort to keep in touch. I am the type that will always respond to a message as I think it’s rude if you don’t, especially because someone has taken the time to contact you. I’d like to know why some people think it’s ok not to respond!

To end on a happy note, aswell as seeing a few friends this week I am meeting an old friend of mine (from my fashion buying days) in Brighton for a day of eating and shopping in two weeks time! I did leave a lot of friends behind in London when I moved down here so it’s extra special seeing them when I can. If anyone has any recommendations for things to eat and do in Brighton I would love to hear from you. 🙂


Impromptu visit to Lewes

On Friday bf and I made a impromptu visit to Lewes, I had planned to go sometime this holiday but I was thinking we should go later in August. Anyway Friday was as good a day as any and the weather was beautiful. This was the first time we’ve been to Lewes, it’s a lovely town and in some part very scenic. The town is quite hilly so when you’re high up you’ll find some beautiful views of the countryside and South Downs.


I have heard great things about Lewes, hence wanting to visit. I mainly wanted to rummage around the vintage & charity shops and to find some nice coffee shops, though I did pop into a few lovely independent stores such as Wickle, Kings Framers and a jewellery shop… I think it was called Silverado?! There were so many vintage shops with lots to see but rather expensive in my opinion. They are lovely places for inspiration though so it wasn’t a waste of time. The charity shops were good, bf got some books and I left behind a cute vintage teapot because I don’t have room to display it at home. 😦










We went to Bill’s for dinner before driving home. We’ve only ever been to the one in Brighton, the Lewes one feels more friendly and spacious but I didn’t see any cakes on display like the one in Brighton!




As it was such a hot day we didn’t order any hot food! I had tuna nicoise salad and bf got a veggie mezze board. I had such a lovely day and it marked the end of bf taking time off whenever he likes to spend it with me in my holidays. 😦 He’s self employed and has just been offered the job he applied for on Wednesday evening, interviewed on Thursday 11.30am and got at 12pm! He is so jammy, as every interview he as ever had he has been successful! I am very proud of him indeed. 🙂

Birthday Month!

On Sunday I celebrated my birthday, it was such a glorious day with the sun shining making it feel like summer, the way July should feel! We’ve been denied the sun this year so we’ll have to make the most of it, apparently it will be less sunny next week.


I never plan to do things on my birthday, I’m not into hosting parties or making it a big deal out of it. I do however love receiving cards and messages, and of course thoughtful presents big or small. My B is usually very good at buying for me, however due to forking out an insane amount of money to fix the valleys and box gutter on the roof to keep out the rain I said not to bother with any gifts. Plus we were saving to go to Berlin for it, though it’ll have to be in August now due to B’s passport expiring!! However it didn’t stop B buying me this dress I wanted from ASOS in pink. I love these woolly dresses and think they would make an alternative winter bridesmaid dress! I’m sure most brides will look at me weirdly for even suggesting it, but I really like them, the hair accessories look great with it too. Anyway back to birthday, I had a lovely day, we had a massive lunch at YO Sushi and I came out in a sweat carrying a 10lb food baby! It hurt!


We had a wander around the shops as I received money from B’s parents and grandparents so I could treat myself but I didn’t. Oh well, more to spend in Berlin. I really am looking forward to rummaging their flea markets and vintage shops.

Ziggy posing with my birthday card

After eating too much we walked back to B’s grandparents (where we parked the car) via the museum. We had a little wander round before taking a tea break at the grandparents. They live in a private block of flats (10 floors) and the views are panoramic. You can see the Isle of Wight when it’s a clear day and you get great views of thunder and lightening!

Wearing H&M dress, cardi & leggings with Clarks sandals, charity shop vintage Foster Grant sunnies and vintage bag from a shop in London I can’t remember the name of… It’s in Brick Lane.

Enamel teapot from one of sisters and the bird & heart a colleague gave me.

Thanks for those who wished me happy birthday, I may not know you all in real life but it was still nice of you to take the time to message me. Go make yourself one of these, on me! xxx


Lovely things

20120708-125856 PM.jpg

I stumbled on this watch brand BOAT from Hong Kong and loved the minimal aesthetics and the colour options available. The wax stamping is rather unusual and intriguing, but what would make it even cooler would be to give an option to have a word, initial or letter stamped to make it more personal. Maybe they do this already but I can’t see the information on the website.

20120708-125704 PM.jpg

20120708-125742 PM.jpg

What colour combo would you choose?

I quite like these two:

20120708-125849 PM.jpg
(I’d want the hands to be white)

20120708-010213 PM.jpg
(I’d want the hands to be black)

Each watch is priced $85 USD.

Wet July

Welcome to a wet summer! I cannot believe it’s July, last year the sun was out and everyone was happy. This year it’s been miserable, not just the weather but work. July for me is usually a nice month at work, things are winding down and we all look forward to the holidays and it’s also my birthday month! The last few years bf’s Aussie family have been around to celebrate, however they came early this year and left last week. Not only was it lovely hanging out with our 3&3/4 niece again (she is very accurate with her age), we also met for the first time our new 6 month old niece.


Today was another miserable wet day, so to cheer ourselves up we decided to pop into town for a wander. I had a browse at the Urban Decay counter and got a sample of the eye primer which I’m considering buying and maybe the Naked eyeshadow palette. We then went to Clarks as I do like some of their shoes! I know they can come across old fashioned but actually they are drawing in a younger crowd (I’m not exactly young but I like to think I am!), I’m loving their AW12 collection , in particular Licorice Candy and Lulworth Beach . By the way they aren’t paying me to write this or anything! I ended up buying a antique gold pair of jazz shoes (I had jazz shoes when I was young and in majorettes!(don’t laugh)) for work as my gold ballet pumps are well and truly battered. Bf got a pair that we’ve been eyeing up for a while (I think since November?!). I also used my £5 Boots voucher on suncream for the face as I’m fed up of getting freckles, I have tons on my neck!


Afterwards we dashed over to bf’s grandparents (we like to visit if we’re nearby) for lunch which they insist we buy and treat us to! I was eager to catch the tennis as it was the ladies Wimbledon finals.


I really love seeing them, it’s always so cosy and relaxing there and without fail they send us off with a big bag of magazines and supplements as well as foodie treats! I hardly ever get to see my grandparents as they live in HK, I think it’s been 6-7 years!