Fitness Fashion

Since joining the gym/spa I have had to rummage out my swimwear, I’m not a swimmer, I can’t actually swim so I don’t own many. I currently own two, one is a 1950s polka dot style all-in-one from Laura Ashley and the other is two-piece halter from M&S. I thought it was about time to get another, especially after seeing someone in the jacuzzi wearing the same halter as I had on that day! I think that was the first time ever matching with another!

I had eyed up this swimsuit from Joules a while back but didn’t have time to stop and try it on, luckily as fate would have it I saw it again in another town yesterday. I tried it on and it was perfect so I took it home with me! Plus the price wasn’t bad either, it was originally £49.95 and was reduced to £14.95, bargain!


I love that it has a vintage and feminine vibe to it, I just hope I don’t see anyone else wearing it when I am!


Birthday Gifts

I know my birthday was weeks ago (3 weeks and 2 days to be precise, the day the future king was born!) but I still had some birthday money to spend and today was my lucky day! I was having a browse in the Barbour outlet with husband, I made a bee-line for the bag and spotted this pretty print, It turned out it was by William Morris! I first encountered William Morris and the Arts and Craft movement as a design student many moons ago. I was a little undecided about it as there was another style with a plaid print, it was a classic piece. Husband said to put back the William Morris bag and to have another browse before deciding! That instantly made up my mind, I couldn’t let go of the William Morris bag, it was the last one, what if someone decides to buy it!

Although my one is probably last season you can still get a William Morris print in their current collection here.

The bag has adjustable straps.

Pairing it with a vintage brown coat blazer (another birthday gift from my sisters).

Here is a picture of my birthday goodies I received on the day!

A Day In The Sun

It was so nice to have a bit of sunshine today, it makes everything that much better! I had a leisurely morning of breakfast in bed (croissant and tea), brought to me by husband to wake me up! It’s hard to get me out of bed so the best thing to do is to bring food!
The rest of the afternoon was filled with more food, husband made me lunch which consisted of things that needed eating up. I thought I’d eat outside today with the sun, it was really relaxing and eventually made me rather sleepy! I imagine that’s what holidays in the sun/beach are like, I’ve never been on that kind, I’m more of a city/foodie breaks girl!
Lunch was followed by a plate of very ripe strawberries and extra thick cream!

After lunch we headed to B&Q as they have a bank holiday 3 for 2 offer on all plants and I was keen to get more vegetable plants. I never usually go to B&Q as it’s more expensive and less to choose from than the nursery I usually go to. The offer ends tonight so we decided it was worth a look and low and behold I got all of the below for around £6! The poppy was looking sad, it was on sale for 50p, I love poppies so rescued it to try and make healthy again! All in all a fun and thrifty day out, the check-out girl was friendly and even complimented on my neon orange nails!20130527-174957.jpg

My outfit today:
Outfit May

Posing Hasbeen!

After being inspired by a twitter friend, Vicky from The Owl and Accordion I decided to try my luck and enter the Style-Is competition. To enter you have to take a photo of yourself in an outfit that is either sustainable, vintage, second hand, upcycled or something made locally. In return you could win £100 of vouchers to spend in Spartoo, a footwear company.

I knew I’d be able to come up with something as I tend to shop a lot in charity shops and vintage stores, plus I make my own things when I have the time. I did however have a hard time in deciding what to wear, but I knew I wanted to pose in my new Hasbeens, so the task was to dress around them! I was originally going to wear my charity shop vintage M&S faux fur-coat on top of the dress but I decided against it. Although the fur would not be out of place considering the chilly weather we’ve been having, I wanted a spring look, so chose an old jacket from River Island bought in sale. I like to try and get away with clashing print on print!

Now onto the outfit, here I am rocking sustainable style for the @style__is Fashion Bloggers Competition:

My outfit consisted of: Jacket from River Island (sale), Bally handbag from Charity Shop, Sandals from Swedish Hasbeens, Dress made by my own fair hands 2 years ago!

Me with Ziggy sleeping by my feet.

Me posing to the side so you can see my hair-clip I made.

Me having a rest!

I’d like to see your outfits if you enter! 🙂

Definitely not a has-been!

20130421-151304.jpgA few weeks ago we took a mini break to London to celebrate our 13 years of being together anniversary. We spent part of our time over in East London wandering the shops and I spotted some Swedish Hasbeens in the window of an empty unused shop. I blurted out to my husband how much I loved the brand and was startled when a lady replied back, “come back Thursday, we’re opening then!”. It was then I realised that the lady was setting up the window display and probably setting up shop for the brand, though I’m not sure if its just a pop-up shop. The advice from the lady was no use to me as we were leaving before Thursday so we just said goodbye and crossed over the road to wander a bit more. When we reached the other side I noticed some Hasbeens in a shoe shop called Author, I had to pop inside to have a look! My husband persuaded me to treat myself so I did and bought my very first pair, he even helped me decide on the colour! I’ve been eyeing up Hasbeens for a few years now but never got any as the only way to purchase them was online, which is expensive as they are a Swedish brand. Now you can get your hands on them here in the UK, which is great because it works out cheaper then buying them online, even though online they do free delivery to the UK! It goes to show how weak the pound is.


After having had these Hasbeens for two weeks I have finally been able to wear them out yesterday! I can see myself wanting more of these clogs and who knows I may try other brands! I’ve had a search online and think the clogs from Lotta look cute too, and even more so when the price of them are a lot cheaper than the Swedish Hasbeens. They seem to be a smaller brand and based in London so I guess it’s good to support the little guys and keep the pound in the UK!



Sunday in London

A few weeks ago we drove to London and parked on the street we used to live in, in West London. We were lucky the weather was great, memories of the summer and Berlin came flooding back.

We went around our usually shopping areas but for food I decided we should try something different as I’ve gone off our usual place due to a change in management. I wanted to try out Mexican food! This is an unusual request from me as I dislike Mexican flavours, which is unfair as I’m basing this on all the El Paso flavourings and packs you get at the supermarket! Ever since I’ve steered clear of Mexican food, actually I wouldn’t say I went out of my way to avoid it, I have just preferred to eat other cuisine.

The main reason for my unusual request for Mexican food is due to my addiction to watching Food Network. I caught Tomasina Miers’ cooking programme on it one day and the food looked appetising! So that is my story and reason that I picked Wahaca. If you didn’t know Tomasina won Master Chef in 2005 and opened the first Wahaca restaurant in Covent Garden in 2007. The main branches in central London are located in Soho, Canary Wharf and the newest one is in Charlotte Street. Take-away orders are available at this one, plus they have a breakfast menu, sell “hard to find” Mexican ingredients, as well as their own-brand sauces!

Top left: black bean tostadas.  Centre: broad bean quesadilla. Centre left: new potato taquito.

We arrived around 2pm and had to wait for a table. Before deciding to wait I did ask how long the waiting time would be. The waiter said 5 minutes, it was more like 15 minutes, not too bad I suppose. We were given a contraption that worked as a buzzer to inform you when you’re table is free, much like a pager but this lit up and vibrated. The waiting area was the bar and I guess it makes sense to them to get us to buy drinks while we wait. After being seated I found the noise of the bar too loud at times (blender noise I think), but I guess that’s what you get being in an open planned space.

Top-Bottom: pork pibil tacos, Wahaca slaw.chicken, tinga tacos.

We weren’t too sure what to order so we went with the Wahaca selection which is a set menu of their favourite dishes. It consisted of 3 pork pibil tacos, 1 large broad bean quesadilla, 3 chicken tinga tacos, 2 black bean tostadas, 2 new potato taquitos and Wahaca slaw. This cost £19.95 for the both of us (not per head).

The food was good, the flavours were fresh and spicy but the food we ordered can feel a bit samey in terms of ingredients (tomatoes, onion and sour cream). We both favoured the the pork pibil tacos as it was spicy, tender and sweet. The blandest was the broad bean quesadilla, the texture was like mashed potato with a bit of cheese, sandwiched together with a tortilla wrap and grilled, it was quite dry.

It was a nice experience and I can now say I don’t dislike Mexican food, it still wouldn’t be my first choice – I prefer Asian and South Asian flavours more.

I’ll end this with a few pictures of other things we got up to:

Beyond Retro

Yayoi Kusama at Selfridges

Scoop, my favourite Gelato place in London!

The last few days

Things I’ve been up to:
1. Eating:
Bf treated me to this froyo.

Since Berlin I have been addicted to trying out froyo whenever I encounter them! This place is called Fuel and is found in West Quay shopping centre, Southampton. They are under staffed so there was a bit of a back log of orders so we had to wait around for our order. I ordered the froyo with two toppings for £3.45.

Price list.

The taste was different to the ones I had in Berlin, this one had no tang at all so I am guessing it’s loaded with sugar. It’s not bad in taste but if you want something healthy or if you are diabetic don’t bother (though maybe double check with them and ask how much sugar is in it first, I’m just guessing it has a lot in it due to the taste). The lady was generous with the toppings (mango and granola) and it does feel like you’re eating ice cream as it has the sweetness and creaminess.

Cute graphics.

2. Shopping:
Posing outside antique shop, need to get as skinny as her! I’m wearing a wooly dress that I got for my birthday from bf, Clarks jazz shoes, Topshop jersey cardi and Peacock leggings. Shopper is a sample from my fashion buying days.

At the weekend we had plans to have dinner with family in the evening so during the day we thought we’d drive there early and wander around our favourite shopping areas. We did a lot of walking that day so I hope I lost some calories since that evening we were going to stuff our faces with curry! I love curry, my favourite is lamb pathia with plain rice and peshwarini naan. The patita is really spicy and has a nice amount of heat to it. I don’t understand why people order curry that’s not hot and spicy.

Local second hand vinyl shop.

3. Baking:
Lately I’ve not been keen on baking as I’ve been trying to watch my weight, but because I have been watching a LOT of Food Network on Freeview, today I felt like eating some CAKE! I had some walnuts to use up so thought I would bake myself a coffee and walnut cake.

I love the colour of the sponge mixture. The toaster is a new Dualit one that we got from

The finished coffee and walnut cake posing with my aloe vera plant (gift from friend) and orchid. The orchid was given to me at Xmas from a student and it died in January because it got too cold. I’m glad I didn’t throw it away as this summer it started to bloom!