DIY Wedding Bouquet

I decided to make my own bouquet for my wedding. However, although I love real flowers, I chose silk flowers – yes, FAKE flowers! I used to be rather snobby about fake flowers, I think I still am, but what swayed me about these fake flowers was the fact that I live near a great silk flower mill company that produce realistic looking flowers. Boarhunt Flower Mill is situated out in the countryside in a giant mill with a massive range of flowers and foliage – you need a good few hours in there to take it all in.

Sister sneaky snap of me. Be warned, wrap up warm it was freezing in there!

One Sunday I went armed with a picture of the type of bouquet I’d like to loosely recreate and went round with my younger sister and mum pulling out flowers that took my fancy.

Tutorial (follow pictures from left to right)

Buy your flowers and foliage:
1: Make sure you check the colour of the flowers outside before you buy.
2: Lay out your flowers ready for assembling.

20130128-190132.jpgPractice arranging first:
3: Start with with a medium size flower in your hand and add foliage around it.
4: Keep adding more foliage and flowers by constantly turning the bouquet.

Once you get an idea of how you’d like it arranged take a photo for reference, then:
5: Trim the stems with pliers. To determine the length, I held the bunch and trimmed stems about 3cms beneath my hand.

6: With the foliage leaves I had to extend the length of the stem by joining florist’s wire to it. You fold the wire in half and with each end wrap it around the stem in opposite directions.
7: Cover the wire with florist’s tape.
8: Look at the picture you took earlier and start assembling!
9: Once finished I wrapped natural raffia around the stems.

This was my finished bouquet. I also managed to make two for my sisters and a button hole for my husband. In total everything cost around £55, this included all the flowers, foliage, natural raffia, wire and tape. For the price this was not bad at all!



Another reason I felt fake flowers were the way to go was because the wedding date was around the Christmas holidays, which meant my flower options were very limited. I hope I’ve managed to change your mind on fake flowers! 🙂


First Ever Giveaway

It been roughly a year since I started Monty’s, so to celebrate and thank everyone who have supported me by following my progress I am holding a giveaway. I am opening this up to everyone in the UK and abroad, standard 2nd class delivery will apply. The giveaway will end Sunday 12th August 2012.

A choice of one of the following hair accessories!

Flamingo Heart

20120805-031948 PM.jpg

Gold Feather

20120805-032023 PM.jpg

Diamond Bling

20120805-032103 PM.jpg

Please click this to enter!

If you don’t win, don’t worry check out Monty’s for a wider range of hair accessories available.

PS, please bear with me if there are any hiccups with this giveaway as I’ve never hosted a giveaway or used rafflecopter before. x<!

Home made

As mentioned previously I have finally finished me crochet cushion, which was inspired by Mollie Makes (a fab craft magazine that was subscribed for me by my sister for my birthday last year) it’s in the style of granny squares and all hand crocheted by me.

This is the front:

It’s made of 36 squares.

This is the back:

Instead of more squares I just did rounds using a mix of wools.

This is the fastening:

I used odd buttons from my button starch as I wanted this cushion to be made from materials I had at home. The only thing I had to buy for this project was the inner cushion (from IKEA) and some cream wool.

I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out, in fact its the most I’ve ever crocheted! If you would like to crochet this I did a post about it here.

Now on to the next project I’ve left to gather dust:



Keeping Busy

Since I have a lot of time on my hand I need to keep myself busy, especially now the weather is turning I can see myself getting stuck in a rut, the sofa and blanket rut! The weather can really affect my mood and drain my motivation, I have to plan things to try and stay productive otherwise I’ll feel guilty that I’ve wasted my day.

Here are some of the things I’ve been up to:

(Excuse the non-pose! I wasn’t ready!) We took a walk to the village via the meadow, it’s nice having it so close by. One minute you are by a busy road and the next minute it feels like you are far away in a rural countryside.

After the walk I decided it was about time I finish my granny crochet cushion once and for all! It’s been hanging around for months as I’ve not been motivated with crafting lately. It was nice to get it complete and use it.

I spent some time with Ziggy, at the moment his favourite toy is this piece of brown twine. He loves it!

Yesterday I had the day to myself and decided to re-pot this jade plant that was given to me my a colleague who is retiring. She knows how much I like plants and also gave me an aloe vera plant too.

I decided to bake a cake for a friend who visited me today.

I made coffee and walnut cake, I don’t tend to make this much, I’m not sure why as I do like a good coffee and walnut cake. My friend said it was really good, I cut myself a piece that was too big and had to leave some!

I have a wedding to attend on Thursday, it’s only for the evening-do so I’ll have time hang out with my friend before hand and do a bit of shopping and just spend time with her. With my job a lot of the time I am drained by the weekend so it’s hard to see friends, however I am very good at keeping in contact by texting or using twitter and instagram, though it’s not always returned. Lately I have thought about how some people I know are rather self absorbed and how a nice text or a message does not take too much effort to keep in touch. I am the type that will always respond to a message as I think it’s rude if you don’t, especially because someone has taken the time to contact you. I’d like to know why some people think it’s ok not to respond!

To end on a happy note, aswell as seeing a few friends this week I am meeting an old friend of mine (from my fashion buying days) in Brighton for a day of eating and shopping in two weeks time! I did leave a lot of friends behind in London when I moved down here so it’s extra special seeing them when I can. If anyone has any recommendations for things to eat and do in Brighton I would love to hear from you. 🙂

About Monty’s…

…according to this website URLAI found via Jen.

18th most happy blog! That’s great if it’s true. 🙂

Monty’s has evolved into more than specialising in bow-ties, I don’t think I can just stick to one thing, I’m always on the look out to develop new products to keep Monty’s fresh and interesting. The newest products currently on the website are hair clips. My inspiration behind them started from a conversation on swallow tattoos and their meanings. One meaning is the person with the swallow tattoo has been in prison, doing “bird” and the other meaning is that the person was or is in the Navy. The reason they chose to have a swallow is because they believe that the swallow will protect them out at sea and if ever they were lost at sea the swallow will take their soul up to heaven. I like this meaning. I personally don’t have any tattoos but I do appreciate some of the vintage styles of sailor Jerry tattoos.

I had trouble with FB so had to set up a new Monty’s page which means I have lost all my likers. I was lucky the first time round managing to get around 500 likes, I hope you can take the time and like my page here. Thank you!

I was thinking I might do a hair clip giveaway but I’m not sure many will enter which will be a bit embarrassing! Leave me a comment and tell me what do you think? Should I wait until I get more likers? Decisions decisions!

One lucky lady!

I was very spoilt, I came home with my bag full goodies from my Mother who has just returned from HK. I always love that she packs as much as she can and the majority of it being food! Like Mother like Daughter!

Here is the haul:

I’m excited to test out the  BB Cream as I’ve never used BB Cream before. I might write a review when I have time.

I went round to my parents’ house after work the day they returned with bf to fix a leaky float valve in the loft (this leaked whilst they were away but we isolated the water and waited for their return to fix) and ended up sorting out their laptop and putting on a new windscreen wiper. Afterwards we were treated to some tasty Chinese coconut cake and Pei Dan Sau (this) all the way from HK.

Today I have been sampling some hair accessories (I’m still developing designs as I’m not sure of these just yet) and making crème brûlée to take round to my parents as my sister requested I bring dessert! It was either crème brûlée or lemon drizzle cake, I think I was right to bring crème brûlée. I bought an extra one over for my mother and left it in the fridge, as I left my sister asked whether I was going to take it home, I told her it’s in the fridge. She asked whether I could use the blowtorch and caramelise the suger on top for her to have, my mother heard and quickly said “It’s mine, I’m eating it tomorrow”. Haha!! My mother is never like this, she is usually very generous! Guess not when it comes to crème brûlée!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.