One lucky lady!

I was very spoilt, I came home with my bag full goodies from my Mother who has just returned from HK. I always love that she packs as much as she can and the majority of it being food! Like Mother like Daughter!

Here is the haul:

I’m excited to test out the  BB Cream as I’ve never used BB Cream before. I might write a review when I have time.

I went round to my parents’ house after work the day they returned with bf to fix a leaky float valve in the loft (this leaked whilst they were away but we isolated the water and waited for their return to fix) and ended up sorting out their laptop and putting on a new windscreen wiper. Afterwards we were treated to some tasty Chinese coconut cake and Pei Dan Sau (this) all the way from HK.

Today I have been sampling some hair accessories (I’m still developing designs as I’m not sure of these just yet) and making crème brûlée to take round to my parents as my sister requested I bring dessert! It was either crème brûlée or lemon drizzle cake, I think I was right to bring crème brûlée. I bought an extra one over for my mother and left it in the fridge, as I left my sister asked whether I was going to take it home, I told her it’s in the fridge. She asked whether I could use the blowtorch and caramelise the suger on top for her to have, my mother heard and quickly said “It’s mine, I’m eating it tomorrow”. Haha!! My mother is never like this, she is usually very generous! Guess not when it comes to crème brûlée!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


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