Pie and Mash

Despite the rain on Saturday we ventured out to pick up a few bits for Xmas and to do a food shop. The shops were surprising mellow, I was anticipating crowds of manic shoppers! After the shops we had lunch in this nearby quaint independent pie and mash shop called Pie and Vinyl. It isn’t a typical London pie and mash shop, it’s more of a cosy bistro with Victorian knick-knack decor.

There’s only room for about 14 people in total but that’s quite nice as it’ll never be too annoyingly overcrowded, and means the service will always be good! We looked at the menu outside before getting a table so we had some idea what we would order. The pies were either from Pieminister or Buckwells (local butchers). However because its a small establishment they have a board with what pies they have in on that day. Unfortunately my Moo pie (steak) was not on the board, so I ordered a Kate and Sidney (steak and kidney) and bf ordered Fungi Chicken (mushroom and chicken). We both went for the meal deal at £6.50, it includes pie, mash and mushy peas, it’s served with gravy or liquor. Liquor is what London pie shops traditionally served as gravy, it’s made from flour, chicken stock and lots of parsley which makes it green. We dislike parsley so opted for the brown gravy! For drinks we had a pot of Mr Fitzpatrick fizzy cream soda cordial to share (£1.75), there was enough for 3 glasses each!


The service was prompt and the waiter and waitresses were very friendly. There was music playing in the background, it wasn’t too loud or off putting, I assume they were playing vinyl. I spent the short waiting time eyeing up all the vinyls and posters on the walls and the knick-knacks that decorated the room. I particularly like the cat salt and pepper shakers (I saw these in Urban Outfitters).


I enjoyed eating here, the food was served hot (I can’t stand warm food) and the pie was exceptionally good! It was flavoursome and generously filled, the pastry was hard and crisp. I ate it all even though my stomach was at bursting point! The mash let me down a bit as it was a tad grey in colour and a little too wet for me. There’s no taste of cream or butter, I’m not sure whether it’s made from powder?! Anyhow this doesn’t put me off eating here again! I think I’d like to try the Pieminister’s Heidi pie which consists of goats cheese, sweet potato, spinach, red onion and roasted garlic. There’s 5 vegetarian and 22 non-veggie pies to choose from on the menu. Thanks for the treat B!