Happy Halloween

I don’t really celebrate Halloween, not because I’m anti it, it’s probably because I never went trick or treating when I was younger (isn’t as big as it is now). I do enjoy seeing carved pumpkins and I have done some in the past. When I came across 50p pumpkins at Tesco I couldn’t help myself!

I saved the seeds and roasted those along with the flesh which I will be using for pumpkin pie later in the week.


Ginger bread people

I made these the other day using an old good house keeping cookbook which was passed down to me. I didn’t have honey so I used golden syrup instead, I also didn’t have brown sugar so I used golden caster.

A day of full bellies

We spent the day wandering around London and of course eating. Lunch was in China Town, we stuck to our usual place on Wardour Street but was contemplating on Leong’s Legend, a taiwanese establishment with an interesting traditional exterior and a dark wooden interior. Anyway we decided against it as there seemed to only have tourists in there. Our usual place was nice and I ordered one of my favourite one meal dishes of Soya Chicken on Rice.

After a little wander around Oxford Street we headed towards Regent Street and then onto Covent Garden. We took a pit stop in Pret and I had an almond croissant and ginger beer. Nothing fancy but it satisfied me nevertheless.

For dinner we wanted to go to the Japanese Centre but to my horror it is no more?! When did this happen?? Are they only trading as an online retailer? I racked my brains as to where we could eat and thought of trying Bryon Hamburgers on Wardour Street (near Brewer St). It was a little cramped in there but the food was good. We ordered 2 classic burgers (both medium), a portion of french fries (nothing special wish we ordered the hand-cut fat chips with skins still on), onion rings (very good, I liked the fact it was crispy and fat, though it was a little greasy), cream soda and a coke because they had run out of root beer (very disappointing!). We were both stuffed and couldn’t manage a dessert… Shame because we wanted to share a knicker-blocker or if we were really greedy a knicker-blocker and a bannoffee pie!