A Day In The Sun

It was so nice to have a bit of sunshine today, it makes everything that much better! I had a leisurely morning of breakfast in bed (croissant and tea), brought to me by husband to wake me up! It’s hard to get me out of bed so the best thing to do is to bring food!
The rest of the afternoon was filled with more food, husband made me lunch which consisted of things that needed eating up. I thought I’d eat outside today with the sun, it was really relaxing and eventually made me rather sleepy! I imagine that’s what holidays in the sun/beach are like, I’ve never been on that kind, I’m more of a city/foodie breaks girl!
Lunch was followed by a plate of very ripe strawberries and extra thick cream!

After lunch we headed to B&Q as they have a bank holiday 3 for 2 offer on all plants and I was keen to get more vegetable plants. I never usually go to B&Q as it’s more expensive and less to choose from than the nursery I usually go to. The offer ends tonight so we decided it was worth a look and low and behold I got all of the below for around £6! The poppy was looking sad, it was on sale for 50p, I love poppies so rescued it to try and make healthy again! All in all a fun and thrifty day out, the check-out girl was friendly and even complimented on my neon orange nails!20130527-174957.jpg

My outfit today:
Outfit May



Wow it’s nearly been a month since my last post! I’ve had a really busy month at work which means I’m usually knackered by the time I get home, so the last thing I want to do it use my brain a write a post. I really wish I have the energy to post regularly, I’m going to try to at least blog once a week… We will see how that goes!

Ok so lets see what I got up to in the month of May:

I’ve been helping my friend with her wedding photography business, she’s based in Taiwan and I’m helping her promote it in the UK as a pre-wedding destination for engagement photos. It’s really popular for the Chinese to take a load of pictures before hand and Taiwan is a go to destination for it as it boasts a variety of amazing scenery. It’s also great as it has delicious street food too! I’m hoping to visit her in December. Do check out the Facebook page for more pictures and information, oh and I’d be most grateful if you like the page too! 😘😞


I’ve been hanging out with Ziggy and taking pictures of him being cute!

There’s been a lot of murals graffiti style dotted around the city, I like this one of a fox and birds.

I’ve been obsessed with cute socks lately, I’m still not over it and on the lookout for more!!

Talking about obsessions, I’m also into these way too much! We got one last Saturday and I was hooked, we went back to the supermarket yesterday and I bought 3 bars! Lol

Last Sunday we went out with the family for lunch at Bill’s, everything I ordered was great, apart from the banoffee pie, so I’ve shown you in the picture above the dessert I should have ordered, creme brûlée!