Fitness Fashion

Since joining the gym/spa I have had to rummage out my swimwear, I’m not a swimmer, I can’t actually swim so I don’t own many. I currently own two, one is a 1950s polka dot style all-in-one from Laura Ashley and the other is two-piece halter from M&S. I thought it was about time to get another, especially after seeing someone in the jacuzzi wearing the same halter as I had on that day! I think that was the first time ever matching with another!

I had eyed up this swimsuit from Joules a while back but didn’t have time to stop and try it on, luckily as fate would have it I saw it again in another town yesterday. I tried it on and it was perfect so I took it home with me! Plus the price wasn’t bad either, it was originally £49.95 and was reduced to £14.95, bargain!


I love that it has a vintage and feminine vibe to it, I just hope I don’t see anyone else wearing it when I am!


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