DIY Wedding Bouquet

I decided to make my own bouquet for my wedding. However, although I love real flowers, I chose silk flowers – yes, FAKE flowers! I used to be rather snobby about fake flowers, I think I still am, but what swayed me about these fake flowers was the fact that I live near a great silk flower mill company that produce realistic looking flowers. Boarhunt Flower Mill is situated out in the countryside in a giant mill with a massive range of flowers and foliage – you need a good few hours in there to take it all in.

Sister sneaky snap of me. Be warned, wrap up warm it was freezing in there!

One Sunday I went armed with a picture of the type of bouquet I’d like to loosely recreate and went round with my younger sister and mum pulling out flowers that took my fancy.

Tutorial (follow pictures from left to right)

Buy your flowers and foliage:
1: Make sure you check the colour of the flowers outside before you buy.
2: Lay out your flowers ready for assembling.

20130128-190132.jpgPractice arranging first:
3: Start with with a medium size flower in your hand and add foliage around it.
4: Keep adding more foliage and flowers by constantly turning the bouquet.

Once you get an idea of how you’d like it arranged take a photo for reference, then:
5: Trim the stems with pliers. To determine the length, I held the bunch and trimmed stems about 3cms beneath my hand.

6: With the foliage leaves I had to extend the length of the stem by joining florist’s wire to it. You fold the wire in half and with each end wrap it around the stem in opposite directions.
7: Cover the wire with florist’s tape.
8: Look at the picture you took earlier and start assembling!
9: Once finished I wrapped natural raffia around the stems.

This was my finished bouquet. I also managed to make two for my sisters and a button hole for my husband. In total everything cost around £55, this included all the flowers, foliage, natural raffia, wire and tape. For the price this was not bad at all!



Another reason I felt fake flowers were the way to go was because the wedding date was around the Christmas holidays, which meant my flower options were very limited. I hope I’ve managed to change your mind on fake flowers! 🙂


Birthday Month!

On Sunday I celebrated my birthday, it was such a glorious day with the sun shining making it feel like summer, the way July should feel! We’ve been denied the sun this year so we’ll have to make the most of it, apparently it will be less sunny next week.


I never plan to do things on my birthday, I’m not into hosting parties or making it a big deal out of it. I do however love receiving cards and messages, and of course thoughtful presents big or small. My B is usually very good at buying for me, however due to forking out an insane amount of money to fix the valleys and box gutter on the roof to keep out the rain I said not to bother with any gifts. Plus we were saving to go to Berlin for it, though it’ll have to be in August now due to B’s passport expiring!! However it didn’t stop B buying me this dress I wanted from ASOS in pink. I love these woolly dresses and think they would make an alternative winter bridesmaid dress! I’m sure most brides will look at me weirdly for even suggesting it, but I really like them, the hair accessories look great with it too. Anyway back to birthday, I had a lovely day, we had a massive lunch at YO Sushi and I came out in a sweat carrying a 10lb food baby! It hurt!


We had a wander around the shops as I received money from B’s parents and grandparents so I could treat myself but I didn’t. Oh well, more to spend in Berlin. I really am looking forward to rummaging their flea markets and vintage shops.

Ziggy posing with my birthday card

After eating too much we walked back to B’s grandparents (where we parked the car) via the museum. We had a little wander round before taking a tea break at the grandparents. They live in a private block of flats (10 floors) and the views are panoramic. You can see the Isle of Wight when it’s a clear day and you get great views of thunder and lightening!

Wearing H&M dress, cardi & leggings with Clarks sandals, charity shop vintage Foster Grant sunnies and vintage bag from a shop in London I can’t remember the name of… It’s in Brick Lane.

Enamel teapot from one of sisters and the bird & heart a colleague gave me.

Thanks for those who wished me happy birthday, I may not know you all in real life but it was still nice of you to take the time to message me. Go make yourself one of these, on me! xxx



I’m actually very organised when it comes to planning, take for instance Christmas dinner, I was in charge of cooking this year’s meal for 5. I made a list and prepared everything I could the day before to ease the possible chaos on the day. It went well though I did forget to heat up the cauliflower cheese I made for my mum (it’s her favourite with a roast).

The planning for my wedding was kind of planned in a day. We wrote out the order of the day and decided what we wanted in each time slot. The easiness of planning may be because it’s not as complicated as other weddings, the traditional and big ones, we are only having immediate family (we would have liked to elope but I think my parents would have been upset). But I was pleased we were finding it fairly easy. The only thing I couldn’t commit to was the date, It took me weeks to pluck up the courage and book the date! I am the sort of person who finds it hard to book anything in advance, especially a year in advance.