Fitness Fashion

Since joining the gym/spa I have had to rummage out my swimwear, I’m not a swimmer, I can’t actually swim so I don’t own many. I currently own two, one is a 1950s polka dot style all-in-one from Laura Ashley and the other is two-piece halter from M&S. I thought it was about time to get another, especially after seeing someone in the jacuzzi wearing the same halter as I had on that day! I think that was the first time ever matching with another!

I had eyed up this swimsuit from Joules a while back but didn’t have time to stop and try it on, luckily as fate would have it I saw it again in another town yesterday. I tried it on and it was perfect so I took it home with me! Plus the price wasn’t bad either, it was originally £49.95 and was reduced to £14.95, bargain!


I love that it has a vintage and feminine vibe to it, I just hope I don’t see anyone else wearing it when I am!


Get fit in 6 weeks

I joined the gym exactly 2 weeks today, the plan is to get fit in 6 weeks. I’m not sure how much weight to lose but as long as I can fit back into my old clothes that don’t fit me anymore I’ll be happy! It definitely doesn’t come natural to me, this exercise lark, although I never skived off PE when I was at school. I enjoyed all the sports played at school apart from the cross country! Since school I never really exercised, though a few years ago I really got into lindy hopping, I only stopped because it finished late and I had early mornings the next day.

As I’m taking this fitness regime seriously I aim to go to the gym regularly, so far in the 2 weeks I would have gone 7 times. I also went jogging for 3.25km first time around the village on Sunday, my time was 27 minutes. I was very proud of myself as that was the first time running non-stop for over 10 minutes, at the gym I’ve been doing doing 10 minutes each on different machines and then some weight training. I push myself by thinking of the relaxing steam room and jacuzzi afterwards!

For further encouragement I treated myself to some proper running gear, they were a bargain so I don’t feel too guilty! I purchased 2 leggings (I believe the correct name are running tights), 2 tops, 2 packs of running socks, 2 sports bras and an iPhone armband. All of these were on offer and highly discounted plus the majority were buy 2 for x amount, in total I saved around £20! I bought this all in store at Sports Direct.

Apparently for running you should wear clothing that are made of that technical breathable fabric because it helps you stay cool, dry and warm.


Having a little pocket on the back came in handy to store my house key. When you’re running you can’t really bring your usual bunch of keys!

This is definitely needed especially if you use a running app to help track the distance and time. Also if you jog alone it’s probably best to be able to stay in contact.