Sunny day out

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather, especially because the plan was to go eat in Arundel with family for Father’s day, though it wasn’t for my dad, I’ll tag along to anything if food is involved! Plus I was keen to have another wander around Arundel town. We ate at the Black Rabbit, apparently it’s a famous pub-restaurant and is situated by the River Arun where the local ducks hang out!

I chose the Roast Beef Dinner (£9.95) as I do enjoy a good roast and seeing as it was Sunday I thought it’ll satisfy my hunger (I didn’t eat breakfast to leave enough room!). The dish came out with the rest of the orders and the plate was full, the portion size here are fairly generous. The roast consisted of roast potatoes, red cabbage, carrots, broccoli, beef and Yorkshire pudding. I wasn’t impressed with the roast potatoes as they weren’t crisp, they didn’t have the crunchy coat, it was more like a boiled potato. The broccoli was over cooked as the green has a yellow tinge, the beef was a little too over done but I expected that. The red cabbage and carrot was lovely and sweet with some bite to it. The most disappointing thing was the roast had minimal gravy! It’s not like I’m the type to drench my roasts so I know I wasn’t being fussy. This meant I did not eat much of the Yorkshire pudding as it was too dry without gravy. Overall I would give it 6-7 out of 10. The fish and chips looked good and I can’t fault the starters which was the Mezze (£7.45) and Meat Larder Board (£11.95), both very tasty, though I prefer the latter.

After lunch we wandered into town and looked in the antique/junk shop and a homeware nic-nac “aspirational” store called Sparks Yard, it’s a lovely store filled with lots of nice and desirable products (products I can’t afford, like the stool that’s a giant cork topper).

Before heading home I finished my day in Arundel with 2 scoops of ice cream, banoffee and rhubarb&custard. I noticed it was New Forest Ice Cream which is based in the New Forest in Lymington, Hampshire.
Have you been to Arundel? What were your favourite shops?


About Monty’s…

…according to this website URLAI found via Jen.

18th most happy blog! That’s great if it’s true. 🙂

Monty’s has evolved into more than specialising in bow-ties, I don’t think I can just stick to one thing, I’m always on the look out to develop new products to keep Monty’s fresh and interesting. The newest products currently on the website are hair clips. My inspiration behind them started from a conversation on swallow tattoos and their meanings. One meaning is the person with the swallow tattoo has been in prison, doing “bird” and the other meaning is that the person was or is in the Navy. The reason they chose to have a swallow is because they believe that the swallow will protect them out at sea and if ever they were lost at sea the swallow will take their soul up to heaven. I like this meaning. I personally don’t have any tattoos but I do appreciate some of the vintage styles of sailor Jerry tattoos.

I had trouble with FB so had to set up a new Monty’s page which means I have lost all my likers. I was lucky the first time round managing to get around 500 likes, I hope you can take the time and like my page here. Thank you!

I was thinking I might do a hair clip giveaway but I’m not sure many will enter which will be a bit embarrassing! Leave me a comment and tell me what do you think? Should I wait until I get more likers? Decisions decisions!

Operation get fit!

As some of you might know I love food and I enjoy cooking and baking which really isn’t good for my waistline. I have decided I need to do something about it as I no longer fit into my summer dresses! I woke up one sunny morning trying to get into my dresses and having a hard time getting them off.

I am using my fitness pal which is an app for the iPhone and iPad, though now you can use it online too. It’s actually quite fun entering all the food you’ve eaten but not so fun if you are over your limit! You’re also able to scan the items barcode which save time searching.

I just want to reminisce on the last few things I’ve baked as I won’t be baking until I reach my target weight. The last thing I baked was a banana and chocolate loaf, I took this over to my parents for dessert which was served with ice cream. I was good and only had a small end slice.


The second to last thing I made were these macarons. I tried to make them for a friend’s birthday in early May which was a disaster as I was rather impatient and didn’t leave them long enough before baking. These turned out pretty well and rather more-ish!


The third thing I baked was my favourite dessert creme brûlée. I took these over to a family dinner, they went down a treat and my mum wanted the spare one I brought over for the next day.

I will miss whipping up these sweet treats but I won’t miss the fat I’m putting on!

Bank holiday wander

I had a lazy morning today which felt wonderful as I usually have to get up by 7am (at the latest) for work. I had breakfast made for me in bed which consisted of cereal (I’m trying to diet) and tea. It took me a while to get washed and dressed as I was preoccupied with twitter and some blog reading. However I did eventually get dressed, I wanted something comfy for lounging as I had nothing happening today apart from going to my parents for dinner. My ensemble consisted of my oversized jumper, long vest top (both from H&M), Uniqlo jeggings and my trusty Birkenstocks. I’ve worn Birkenstocks since my uni days in 2000, I love them, they are incredibly comfy, I wish I had more colours!




After lunch which was made by bf we had a wander around our village, though at first I wasn’t too keen as the sky was grey. We were lucky, no rain fell and we got home dry ready for a nice cup of tea.



In this pic it looks like I could be in a rainforest!