Home made gyoza

I’ve been craving gyoza (also known as Wor Teep in Chinese) but I’m not keen on the frozen ones you can buy in the supermarket. Mainly because I’m wary of what they put in there! Although it took me a while to make these (roughly 50 minutes from start to finish) it was still tasty and definitely satisfied my cravings!

Here is my recipe for you to try at home too!


Click here to see my Instagram video on how to wrap!


Let me know if you try this! 🙂


One lucky lady!

I was very spoilt, I came home with my bag full goodies from my Mother who has just returned from HK. I always love that she packs as much as she can and the majority of it being food! Like Mother like Daughter!

Here is the haul:

I’m excited to test out the  BB Cream as I’ve never used BB Cream before. I might write a review when I have time.

I went round to my parents’ house after work the day they returned with bf to fix a leaky float valve in the loft (this leaked whilst they were away but we isolated the water and waited for their return to fix) and ended up sorting out their laptop and putting on a new windscreen wiper. Afterwards we were treated to some tasty Chinese coconut cake and Pei Dan Sau (this) all the way from HK.

Today I have been sampling some hair accessories (I’m still developing designs as I’m not sure of these just yet) and making crème brûlée to take round to my parents as my sister requested I bring dessert! It was either crème brûlée or lemon drizzle cake, I think I was right to bring crème brûlée. I bought an extra one over for my mother and left it in the fridge, as I left my sister asked whether I was going to take it home, I told her it’s in the fridge. She asked whether I could use the blowtorch and caramelise the suger on top for her to have, my mother heard and quickly said “It’s mine, I’m eating it tomorrow”. Haha!! My mother is never like this, she is usually very generous! Guess not when it comes to crème brûlée!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Year of the dragon

This year is the year of the dragon, I’m not sure what it means exactly, it seems a lot of Chinese are wanting to give birth this year to have a dragon baby. I do find the Chinese overly superstitious and sometimes it gets a bit too much, for instance when couples book an appointment for a master to name their baby. The number of brush strokes in the Chinese characters is regarded important, if the number is wrong it’s bad luck etc etc. I’m not very superstitious but did do 2 things before CNY, but one of them was an every day routine (washing) and the other one made sense (Vacuuming), as it’s nice to have a clean house for CNY.

Anyway on the day we went to my parents house after work and my Mum made a lovely hotpot. I ate too much and only managed a tiny bit of the salted caramel cake! Hotpot is fun and I never get to have it much so I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It always reminds me of my holidays to HK. Would hotpot be too messy for a wedding? Hehe.

Chinese New Year’s Eve

I spent the afternoon vacuuming around the house as it’s Chinese New Year tomorrow and you’re supposed to do a spring clean around the house to get rid of any bad luck that may have accumulated in the year. Also you shouldn’t clean for the first few days of the New Year, if you do any sweeping you’ll risk sweeping away your good luck! Good excuse for me!

Apart from a bit of vacuuming we spent the weekend watching two movies, we call this our couch date. On Saturday we watched Shaolin Soccer which was a typical Stephen Chow comedy, I think you have to get Chinese humour  to enjoy this one, or if you liked Kung Fu Hustle. The second film we watch was Rise of the Planet of the Apes which also was enjoyable, I really like James Franco though I didn’t recognise him to start with, he’s not as skinny as he used to be!

Weekend cooking: Sat- Bacon & maple syrup pancakes, tuna melt panini, chilli con carne with scotch bonnet (though it was not very fiery). Sun- Bacon & maple syrup pancakes, left over chili con carne, beef stew and roast potatoes.

Slow cooked beef stew.

Ziggy wanting to watch film too.

Bf made this for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. 🙂

Sunday stroll

I like when we have a Sunday with no chores to do. We can only usually do this when we are proactive on Saturday, which at times can be hard after a stressful Friday. Anyway today we had a stroll through our village via the meadow though it was a little muddy. I did have wellies but I’m strange and don’t like to get them too dirty!




After the walk we came home and I made ramen for lunch which I’ve not made for such a long time!


Eating and Shopping

I’ve had a lovely Easter break so far, the weather has been lovely and I was able to spend time with my friends and family. This all involved food and some shopping!

My cousin and I went to eat at Pearl Liang as I’ve wanted to try this place for a while now. We went there for dim sum and it was extremely quiet, we were the only people in there after a group of girls left! It was quite nice actually having the whole restaurant to ourselves.

The food was really nice and we ordered too much for the two of us so we were stuffed! I love crispy noodles!

The day was also filled with shopping. I came home with a few things but my main purchase was a Bobbi Brown foundation and corrector. Before settling with with Bobbi Brown I did try on the Chanel, and Nars foundation but found them too cakey. It could be that the sales assistant put too much on!

This is me with it on:

EDIT: The foundation review is below (also found on my other joint blog with my cousin lazybeaute.blogspot.com):
The plan was to find a new foundation as I’m disliking my MAC one at the moment,  I find that it makes me look darker (cousin A said it was because it oxidises). I wasn’t too sure what brand I wanted but my cousin A was on hand and suggested a few. I tried on the Chanel Mat Lumiere which I found too heavy and caked on, though to be fair the sales assistant layered it on far too much. I then tried on Nars Sheer Glow, I wasn’t impressed with the sales assistant’s way of applying the foundation to my face. She just used her fingers (I didn’t see her wash or sanitise her hands!). As you can guess I wasn’t taken by Nars but it could be that she didn’t wipe off the Chanel foundation properly so again my face with rather cakey! Also she cousin A said she wasn’t really selling the product, her mind was on something else!

The last foundation was Bobbi Brown. This time I was impressed with the way the sales assistant prepared my skin! She wiped off all the foundation(s) and followed it by hydrating my skin with moisturiser and serum. The foundation was Skin Foundation SP15 in shade 3.5. It went on very smoothly and it’s extremely light, it felt fluid, like water, probably because it is water base! The effect you achieve with this foundation is more natural glow, so there is a little shine which I’m not used to so I asked for a little powder! Anyway I thought you had to put on powder afterwards to set the foundation?

I also got a corrector which I desperately needed for my horrid under eye bags. This is the problem when I have really early rises and late nights!

I’ve made a few other purchases and will blog about it later on.


A few weekends ago we went into town for a wonder and discovered a new cafe . The cafe was a HK style bubble tea place which is a rarity where I live. I was happy to see that it had a few customers which included 2 British kids! They were buying some milkshakes I think. I’d be impressed if they tried the bubble tea! I had my first Bubble Tea in 1999 when I was in HK on vacation.

Bubble tea if you are unfamiliar is a popular drink that originated in Taiwan, it was then brought over to many other South Asian countries like HK and Singapore etc. The drink consists of tapioca balls (often black in colour, though you can get white ones), syrup and milky tea. This is the basic bubble tea, there are many variations. I ended up ordering the Hokkaido Milk Bubble Tea, though I quite like the taro version too.

Do you remember this? I loved this when I was younger!