Definitely not a has-been!

20130421-151304.jpgA few weeks ago we took a mini break to London to celebrate our 13 years of being together anniversary. We spent part of our time over in East London wandering the shops and I spotted some Swedish Hasbeens in the window of an empty unused shop. I blurted out to my husband how much I loved the brand and was startled when a lady replied back, “come back Thursday, we’re opening then!”. It was then I realised that the lady was setting up the window display and probably setting up shop for the brand, though I’m not sure if its just a pop-up shop. The advice from the lady was no use to me as we were leaving before Thursday so we just said goodbye and crossed over the road to wander a bit more. When we reached the other side I noticed some Hasbeens in a shoe shop called Author, I had to pop inside to have a look! My husband persuaded me to treat myself so I did and bought my very first pair, he even helped me decide on the colour! I’ve been eyeing up Hasbeens for a few years now but never got any as the only way to purchase them was online, which is expensive as they are a Swedish brand. Now you can get your hands on them here in the UK, which is great because it works out cheaper then buying them online, even though online they do free delivery to the UK! It goes to show how weak the pound is.


After having had these Hasbeens for two weeks I have finally been able to wear them out yesterday! I can see myself wanting more of these clogs and who knows I may try other brands! I’ve had a search online and think the clogs from Lotta look cute too, and even more so when the price of them are a lot cheaper than the Swedish Hasbeens. They seem to be a smaller brand and based in London so I guess it’s good to support the little guys and keep the pound in the UK!




6 thoughts on “Definitely not a has-been!

  1. that is the cutest little outfit it have ever seen in my life, pink tights from now on are a big yes yes! and the shoes, omg do you want to be cuter?!?!

  2. They are lovely! I adore Hasbeens (and have spent a long time prowling round that shop when there was a sale on last summer – discovered the brand F Troupe instead!) but just can’t afford them. I discovered through my blog feed that the shop is a pop-up ( I have bought a high-heeled pair of red clogs from Lotta From Sweden, I got them from Portobello market where they have a stall. They are great!! More affordable and comfy despite the height. I can’t wait till it gets warmer so that I can wear them again.

    • There are some lovely shoes at F Troupe, but so pricey! 😳
      I think my next pair will be the ones that cover the toes and maybe the standard heel. Yes I’ve seen pictures of the stall in portobello, it’s really nice that they are doing well! I’m tempted to buy from the seconds section… X

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