Jelly Belly

We spent the day wandering around John Lewis the other day and my Husband found something that he wanted to get me. He came and found me and took me over to this cute Jelly Belly iPhone cover. I do not need a cover, I have a cute one already (pic below)! 20130410-205103.jpg
My husband is not keen on my kitty case so at every opportunity he likes to point out new cases for me! I was sold on this Jelly Belly case by the fact it’s bubblegum scented and neon pink, plus it came with a mini speaker, earphone (with a range of inner ear plug sizes) and a tiny pack of sweeties. All this was only £9.95, what a bargain, the cases alone cost £17.99 on the Jelly Belly website!

I would highly recommend this, it’ll make a great gift, but only if that person has an iPhone 4 or 4S! They also do cases for the iPad but it seems only for the 3rd gen (iPad 3).

What case do you have?


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