Anniversary Month

April is when my husband and I first got together after 7 months of being friends at Art College, we’ve been together for 13 years this month! To celebrate we spent a few days in our ex home-town of London, we always have fun going to our old haunts. We like walking around to enjoy the sights and reminisce the old days! We lived here during our uni years and stayed for 9 years and lived all over London, places include: Ealing, Camden Town, London Bridge and Marble Arch.

As it was our anniversary we treated ourselves to a stay at Shoreditch House, it was extra special because we stayed here on our wedding night before flying out to Sweden for our honeymoon! It’ll always bring memories of our wedding day. It just so happens we were given the exact room we stayed in last time, it was nice as I knew what to expect but it would have been even nicer to experience another room! We checked in after a spot of lunch at Spitalfields and a little retail therapy at Blitz London (I bought a lot more the next few days O__o ).






When in London we have our routines on what shops, restaurants or places visit, however this time we tried a different place for dinner. That evening we had a dinner reservation at the restaurant in Shoteditch House with my sisters, although the food wasn’t spectacular, I enjoyed the convenience as we just had to get the lift down and then up to the 5th floor! We had to wait for our table but this was fine as there were games to occupy us, such as retro computer game, snooker table and a table football. The rules here states no photos anywhere in public areas so I can’t really show you any pics. I’ll review the food in another post.

(This is not a sponsored post, we paid for our room with our hard earned money).


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