We had a spontaneous mid-week date after work today! It was only for a few hours of good food and retail therapy (though the things we bought were food from M&S!). It was a welcomed mood lifter as lately my mood has been like that of winter darkness due to stress, I don’t want to dwell on it as this evening is suppose to be an enjoyable one!


After wandering around the shops our minds turned to food, we decided to try out the newly opened Bill’s in town. Bill’s originally opened in Lewes and was a green grocers but later turned it into a brasserie that also sold fresh produce, it later opened a second shop in Brighton, this is the one I’m most familiar with. It has now expanded out of East Sussex and opened branches all over the country including London (Covent Garden, Islington and Soho), Reading, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chichester, Exeter, Richmond and Wimbledon.


The last time I ate at Bill’s was in Lewes and I wasn’t too impressed with the food, it was mediocre and didn’t really satisfy my stomach! However I thought we should try this new Bill’s out as I was intrigued with the decor. The ambiance was warm and cosy which was created by the candles in large jam jars and candelabras, plus the custom made chesterfield seating added to the cosy feel! I use the term cosy which could be a contradiction since the decor is quite urban. The ceiling is open with exposed vents, lamps hang down low on chains and the brick walls are utilitarian grey. It’s great that they managed to soften the whole urban vibe as quite frankly it’s bores me to death these days!


Okay onto the food, I ordered beer battered haddock, fries, mushy peas and tartare sauce (£11.50). Bf went for the burger and fries (£8.50). The fish was a good size portion, the batter was crisp and golden with very succulent on the inside. It was a thumbs up, especially because I knew it was battered fresh as it was piping hot! There were plenty of crisp fries, they were fine, nothing special in taste but they were nicely served in a pot wrapped in illustrated greaseproof paper! I would have liked to have thick cut chips with my battered fish. I wasn’t keen on the mushy peas because it was lukewarm, I really detest warm food! However I did love the tartare sauce with the chunky bits of crunchy gherkins and capers. I came away stuffed and I gave bf a 1/4 of my meal, though I did have 2 bites of his burger!


Overall I enjoyed the experience and the food was good but the mushy peas clinched it for me, for £11.50 I wanted hot peas! It was better than my last time in Lewes. One final note – the service was slow but friendly enough, I do think Bill’s should recruit more professional staff as it did feel a little too ‘sixth form common room’ where young staff were being overly pally with each other.


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