I was randomly looking at some very old posts I wrote in 2006-2007 on live journal! This made me laugh:

For some reason that I can’t remember I wondered out loud to bf whether Beck has found himself a new girlfriend. Bf said “why are you planning on applying!” We then started talking about a new way in which the dating scene should work. We suggested that one would need to fill out a application form of the girl/guy you would like to have relations with. To obtain the application form one would have to ask for it, so if you see someone in the street you fancy you would approach them for their email. Both parties wouldn’t be shocked or embarrassed because this concept would be a formality that everyone would have to do, like applying for a job. Once you’ve asked for their email the person would produce from their bag a business type card with details, the email address would be a special one especially for this gf/bf applying process, eg: boyfriend4u@insertname.com. You then email this person to request a downloadable application form and then fill and submit. Once submitted you’ll have to wait for the person to reply with an email, the subject would either be ACCEPTED or DENIED. If you have been denied there will be feedback on why you weren’t successful, they might tell you that you could apply in a couple of years time for instance. So one should never feel to disheartened. Because this concept is so acceptable you won’t be shy to approach as many people that takes your fancy! Basically we’ve stolen the job applying process and tweaked it for gf/bf applying one. As you can see, we talk a lot of rubbish!

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