Another Sunny Weekend!

This weekend we went to Petersfield to try out a new cafe and wander the town. It’s a place we enjoy going to for the secondhand bookshops, charity shops and browsing the vintage shops. We tend to spend a while browsing for books in the various shops so we have a meeting point when we finish. I like to pop into the other retailers before meeting up. This time I had a look around Mackays, though its now called M&Co. This isn’t a shop I tend to go in, this is a shop my mum used to go in when I was a child, it’s quite mumsy! Anyway I came out with this cute cardi knitted with ribbon, I call it my ‘Where’s Wally/Waldo’ cardi and was only £10 in the sale!

We eventually met up and had a look around the library where I got out 2 books (Kind of Cruel by Sophie Hannah and Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman) and bought a Christmas baking book that might come in handy for work!


Ok now to the cafe part, it’s called Natural Apothecary and is rather quaint as it’s quite small in size. The decor is a take on Victorian which one would imagine as apothecaries are from that era, though it’s not over the top. There are elements that feel quite urban such as the lighting that hang down. The bulbs look old world but the surrounds are quite industrial with the exposed cables. It’s a nice mix.


We were told to take a seat and that they’ll come to take our order. We ordered an Americano, Hartridge’s dandelion and burdock, breakfast smoothie (mango, banana, strawberry and some other berries I can’t remember!) and an open top sandwich.


My smoothie was nice and felt very fresh, the banana helped balance out the sharp berries. The open top sandwich was well presented on a slate board (though it can come across a bit pretentious), I chose the sourdough option over the rye and picked halloumi, hummus, aubergine and rocket. It was served with extra hummus which I don’t think is necessary, I would have prefer an onion chutney. The aubergine was cooked through and soft, this half was served with balsamic glaze which I didn’t mind. Bf detests balsamic glaze as he feels its a generic filler, that’s over used. Which is true sometimes.

I really enjoyed the ambience and food here, the staff were real friendly, the only down side is that it can feel a little cramped, especially if you can’t bag yourself the best table in the corner near the window! Oh I forgot to mention they sell produce like at Bill’s

In total it all cost under £15, the open top sandwich was just under £6 and the smoothie was £3.50.


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