Farewell weekend!

The fountains are happy the sun’s out too!

Another weekend has come and gone, so sad it’s back to grey since the weather was beautiful with bright blue skies on Saturday! I think we should have three day weekends, two days go by too fast! This weekend was spent visiting my Grandparents-in-law, wandering the shops nearby, placing an order for a ring, visiting a castle and cafe.

G-in-law’s roses

Gladioli at G-in-law’s

I originally wanted to get a ring from Rust as they have some wonderful designs, however I thought I’d take a look at some local independent shops as it’s nice to support local businesses. Especially if they have good customer service like the one I decided to use. I’m also on a lookout for a pretty necklace, I’m thinking something delicate, something cute but if I cant find this cute necklace I’ll go classic and find single diamond or pearl necklace.

After the shops we headed towards a cafe we wanted to try which is based in a castle. It’s a sweet little cafe but we weren’t impressed with some aspects which I’ll do a separate post on. The location was fantastic though as afterwards we had a look around the castle and discovered the underground tunnels. This place would be great for a Halloween party!


After a quick snap with the lighthouse we strolled over to my G-in-law’s place and was treated to a white magnum ice cream and later a cup of tea served in my favourite china cups. It’s really sweet that they get out my favourite cups just for us. I think they are from the national trust and one cup is covered in roosters and the other blue tits!



2 thoughts on “Farewell weekend!

  1. Those castle/tunnels look super creepy – can imagine people doing ghost hunting down there or something. Those pink roses are so pretty. I should definitely buy flowers more often, they really improve people’s moods too!

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