The last few days

Things I’ve been up to:
1. Eating:
Bf treated me to this froyo.

Since Berlin I have been addicted to trying out froyo whenever I encounter them! This place is called Fuel and is found in West Quay shopping centre, Southampton. They are under staffed so there was a bit of a back log of orders so we had to wait around for our order. I ordered the froyo with two toppings for £3.45.

Price list.

The taste was different to the ones I had in Berlin, this one had no tang at all so I am guessing it’s loaded with sugar. It’s not bad in taste but if you want something healthy or if you are diabetic don’t bother (though maybe double check with them and ask how much sugar is in it first, I’m just guessing it has a lot in it due to the taste). The lady was generous with the toppings (mango and granola) and it does feel like you’re eating ice cream as it has the sweetness and creaminess.

Cute graphics.

2. Shopping:
Posing outside antique shop, need to get as skinny as her! I’m wearing a wooly dress that I got for my birthday from bf, Clarks jazz shoes, Topshop jersey cardi and Peacock leggings. Shopper is a sample from my fashion buying days.

At the weekend we had plans to have dinner with family in the evening so during the day we thought we’d drive there early and wander around our favourite shopping areas. We did a lot of walking that day so I hope I lost some calories since that evening we were going to stuff our faces with curry! I love curry, my favourite is lamb pathia with plain rice and peshwarini naan. The patita is really spicy and has a nice amount of heat to it. I don’t understand why people order curry that’s not hot and spicy.

Local second hand vinyl shop.

3. Baking:
Lately I’ve not been keen on baking as I’ve been trying to watch my weight, but because I have been watching a LOT of Food Network on Freeview, today I felt like eating some CAKE! I had some walnuts to use up so thought I would bake myself a coffee and walnut cake.

I love the colour of the sponge mixture. The toaster is a new Dualit one that we got from

The finished coffee and walnut cake posing with my aloe vera plant (gift from friend) and orchid. The orchid was given to me at Xmas from a student and it died in January because it got too cold. I’m glad I didn’t throw it away as this summer it started to bloom!


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