The Belle Isle, Southsea

On Sunday we decided to head down to Southsea to wander around John Lewis and the library. It’s a relatively new library (opened last year or so) and I love it! We tend to pop in every time we are in the area. I got a few books out and then eagerly proceeded to The Belle Isle. I was excited for bf to try this place as I had such a great experience at the Chichester branch. It was around 3pm and there were quite a few people, not overly packed as there were around 4 empty tables at the back of the restaurant. We decided on something light so ordered a bagel and baguette from the lunch menu and a starter of twice cooked crisps with soft drinks. An easy lunch we thought, but it wasn’t so, it took around 40 minutes for the food to come out! 40 frigging minutes for food that you dont need to cook, just assemble. I don’t think we’ve ever experienced such a long waiting time before! They decided not to serve the starter as a starter, instead they brought it with the sarnies. We weren’t pleased to say the least. The food was mediocre, I had brie and mango chutney with red onion on a baguette. It was bog standard, nothing exciting about it at all. The mango chutney was watery with no mango chunks in it, it wasn’t homemade I presume. The red onion was raw and was scattered on top, I was expecting it to be caramelised. I moved them all to the side. There wasn’t much Brie, they semi grilled this on top of the bread, I say grilled but it was more melted rather than grilled as there were no golden colouring.


Bf ordered the bagel and felt extremely underwhelmed, the bagel was the supermarket kind, so it was not fresh or tasty like the ones you get from East London bagel shop (we used to live near one). The filling consisted of pastrami, gherkin and sauerkraut as this was called NY Deli Style. It was dry with minimal sauce, he said it felt like he was just eating bread. There was a fair amount of filling however the pastrami was dry and probably not fresh.


We decided to order the starter of paprika twice cooked crisps because the waitress said our sandwiches weren’t served with anything. I made sure bf asked, because if she said crisps or tortilla chips we would have ordered something else! But as you can see in the picture, the bagel was served with tortilla chips! The twice cooked chips were certainly cooked twice since it came out dark, burnt and tasting of grease. Plus only one measly crisp was coated in paprika. What made the whole experience even worse was finding a hair in the food.


As you can guess, overall we did not enjoy this restaurant, we should have listened to our initial instinct when we were hit with the smell of sweat! If you want to try this place, make sure you go to the Chichester branch instead!

I rate this 1/10.

39 Osborne Road,


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