Some Bargain Purchases!

Before dropping off presents (hamper that I put together with the bf and a herb garden I potted) to the to the birthday boy (grandfather-in-law)  I popped into town for a little wander.20120809-202749.jpg


I got in around 10am which is the best time to browse the shops, I love that is so quiet! I went back into Poundland since I bagged a few Stila products the other day I had to check for any new deliveries! I came across a dry shampoo by Stila. I had to get some new night cream so I headed to Boots, I got their own brand time delay night cream which I’ve used before and liked but this time it was on offer! I also purchased a Revlon Just Bitten in honey, again this was on offer too!


I wanted Clinque’s chubby stick but didn’t fancy spending so much!

I have been using this for a few days now and really love it because it’s very moisturising and easy to apply, plus I like the pink colour, it’s not too vibrant but still noticeable. The only down side is that it does need to be reapplied after an hour or two and definitely after eating, but saying that it does stain your lips leaving some areas still with colour, not sure if that’s a good thing or not but you should check every few hours, otherwise it’ll look like you’re wearing just lip liner!

It’s a bit more pink in real life, this is me with it on for a hour or so.

In addition to the beauty products I also came away with two necklaces, one was a delicate long sphere, it was £2 (down from £10) and the other one was a flower was £3 (down from £12). I left town happy with so many bargains!



20120809-202708.jpgRevlon Just Bitten lip balm stain fading…


4 thoughts on “Some Bargain Purchases!

  1. Oh wow…those necklaces are lovely! I particularly like the sphere one – very cool and feels futuristic. ^^
    And that is such a sweet gift for your grandfather-in-law. Hope he had a wonderful birthday!

    ♥ x i x i a

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