Beauty Buys Stila & Rimmel

Whilst in town on Wednesday I made a bee line to Poundland after hearing through the twitter grapevine (via Terri’s and Mrs Thrifty’s) that they were stocking some Stila products! The products were limited but I was expecting that. I came away with the foundation powder, it’s called whitening powder (shade d) but i don’t think it makes me pale. This was the only shade available but it looks ok on me, though I feel slightly tanned it’s not hideously obvious like a WAG.

This is the powder case, you buy the powder and sponge separately which would be annoying if it was full price (around RRP £8).

This is the powder and the sponge comes with it (around RRP £11).

All together.

I also bought this Rimmel eyeshadow because it look pretty! It’s sparkly and the idea is you mix it together, the texture isn’t powdery which I thought it would be, in fact it’s a cream base.



See its pretty!

I then got this in Debenhams as I’m fed up of getting panda eyes! My eyes lids and outer corners are quite pigmented so I need my eye make up to stay put and not make it look any darker. I really hate it a lot! I hope I’m able to perfect my make up as I’m hoping to do my own when I get married, crazy I know but we’re on a budget. I’m going to have to search YouTube for tutorials I think! Did you do your own make up for your wedding?



2 thoughts on “Beauty Buys Stila & Rimmel

  1. I swear by primer potion! It’s awesome stuff. My eyelids are typically asian, you know, a bit oily so eyeshadow never stays on and used to always crease…so discovering this stuff was a life saver!

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