Wet July

Welcome to a wet summer! I cannot believe it’s July, last year the sun was out and everyone was happy. This year it’s been miserable, not just the weather but work. July for me is usually a nice month at work, things are winding down and we all look forward to the holidays and it’s also my birthday month! The last few years bf’s Aussie family have been around to celebrate, however they came early this year and left last week. Not only was it lovely hanging out with our 3&3/4 niece again (she is very accurate with her age), we also met for the first time our new 6 month old niece.


Today was another miserable wet day, so to cheer ourselves up we decided to pop into town for a wander. I had a browse at the Urban Decay counter and got a sample of the eye primer which I’m considering buying and maybe the Naked eyeshadow palette. We then went to Clarks as I do like some of their shoes! I know they can come across old fashioned but actually they are drawing in a younger crowd (I’m not exactly young but I like to think I am!), I’m loving their AW12 collection , in particular Licorice Candy and Lulworth Beach . By the way they aren’t paying me to write this or anything! I ended up buying a antique gold pair of jazz shoes (I had jazz shoes when I was young and in majorettes!(don’t laugh)) for work as my gold ballet pumps are well and truly battered. Bf got a pair that we’ve been eyeing up for a while (I think since November?!). I also used my £5 Boots voucher on suncream for the face as I’m fed up of getting freckles, I have tons on my neck!


Afterwards we dashed over to bf’s grandparents (we like to visit if we’re nearby) for lunch which they insist we buy and treat us to! I was eager to catch the tennis as it was the ladies Wimbledon finals.


I really love seeing them, it’s always so cosy and relaxing there and without fail they send us off with a big bag of magazines and supplements as well as foodie treats! I hardly ever get to see my grandparents as they live in HK, I think it’s been 6-7 years!



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