Sunny day out

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather, especially because the plan was to go eat in Arundel with family for Father’s day, though it wasn’t for my dad, I’ll tag along to anything if food is involved! Plus I was keen to have another wander around Arundel town. We ate at the Black Rabbit, apparently it’s a famous pub-restaurant and is situated by the River Arun where the local ducks hang out!

I chose the Roast Beef Dinner (£9.95) as I do enjoy a good roast and seeing as it was Sunday I thought it’ll satisfy my hunger (I didn’t eat breakfast to leave enough room!). The dish came out with the rest of the orders and the plate was full, the portion size here are fairly generous. The roast consisted of roast potatoes, red cabbage, carrots, broccoli, beef and Yorkshire pudding. I wasn’t impressed with the roast potatoes as they weren’t crisp, they didn’t have the crunchy coat, it was more like a boiled potato. The broccoli was over cooked as the green has a yellow tinge, the beef was a little too over done but I expected that. The red cabbage and carrot was lovely and sweet with some bite to it. The most disappointing thing was the roast had minimal gravy! It’s not like I’m the type to drench my roasts so I know I wasn’t being fussy. This meant I did not eat much of the Yorkshire pudding as it was too dry without gravy. Overall I would give it 6-7 out of 10. The fish and chips looked good and I can’t fault the starters which was the Mezze (£7.45) and Meat Larder Board (£11.95), both very tasty, though I prefer the latter.

After lunch we wandered into town and looked in the antique/junk shop and a homeware nic-nac “aspirational” store called Sparks Yard, it’s a lovely store filled with lots of nice and desirable products (products I can’t afford, like the stool that’s a giant cork topper).

Before heading home I finished my day in Arundel with 2 scoops of ice cream, banoffee and rhubarb&custard. I noticed it was New Forest Ice Cream which is based in the New Forest in Lymington, Hampshire.
Have you been to Arundel? What were your favourite shops?


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