Operation get fit!

As some of you might know I love food and I enjoy cooking and baking which really isn’t good for my waistline. I have decided I need to do something about it as I no longer fit into my summer dresses! I woke up one sunny morning trying to get into my dresses and having a hard time getting them off.

I am using my fitness pal which is an app for the iPhone and iPad, though now you can use it online too. It’s actually quite fun entering all the food you’ve eaten but not so fun if you are over your limit! You’re also able to scan the items barcode which save time searching.

I just want to reminisce on the last few things I’ve baked as I won’t be baking until I reach my target weight. The last thing I baked was a banana and chocolate loaf, I took this over to my parents for dessert which was served with ice cream. I was good and only had a small end slice.


The second to last thing I made were these macarons. I tried to make them for a friend’s birthday in early May which was a disaster as I was rather impatient and didn’t leave them long enough before baking. These turned out pretty well and rather more-ish!


The third thing I baked was my favourite dessert creme brûlée. I took these over to a family dinner, they went down a treat and my mum wanted the spare one I brought over for the next day.

I will miss whipping up these sweet treats but I won’t miss the fat I’m putting on!


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