Bank holiday wander

I had a lazy morning today which felt wonderful as I usually have to get up by 7am (at the latest) for work. I had breakfast made for me in bed which consisted of cereal (I’m trying to diet) and tea. It took me a while to get washed and dressed as I was preoccupied with twitter and some blog reading. However I did eventually get dressed, I wanted something comfy for lounging as I had nothing happening today apart from going to my parents for dinner. My ensemble consisted of my oversized jumper, long vest top (both from H&M), Uniqlo jeggings and my trusty Birkenstocks. I’ve worn Birkenstocks since my uni days in 2000, I love them, they are incredibly comfy, I wish I had more colours!




After lunch which was made by bf we had a wander around our village, though at first I wasn’t too keen as the sky was grey. We were lucky, no rain fell and we got home dry ready for a nice cup of tea.



In this pic it looks like I could be in a rainforest!


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