New Purchases

A car was passed on to me by a family member recently, it’s a car that is very different to my current tiny car, for a start it’s not made in the mid 90s! It’s got all the mod cons and a radio that works! The only thing is, it’s a lot bigger than I’m used to, however this is a pro for an Ikea trip since we were unable to buy the 2m long bookcase and fit it in my old car! Pre ikea I was anxious about driving up the spiral car park as in the past I’ve scrapped a bumper of a car that was new to me. Initially I thought I could park on the ground floor but I was forced to go up a level as it was cordoned off! This forced me to conquered my fear and I managed to keep the car scratch/bump free.
We parked at Ikea but had a wander round the shopping mall on the other side, mainly for John Lewis, Zara, Apple store and Clarks. Here are some of my purchases:

1: Not a purchase but a pic of my granny squares I’ve been addictively crocheting. 2: Bathroom hook from JL. 3: Wool from JL. 4: Flour sieve from Ikea.


I treated myself to this Zara bag that cost £19.99. I like the slouchiness of it and the size, definitely a bag that you can just throw things into. Inside the Zara bag is a cute coin purse I got from John Lewis by Catseye London a week ago. It was in clearance for about £3.



4 thoughts on “New Purchases

  1. Oooh well done on conquering your fear. I’d be exactly the same if I could drive…I really do need to get round to that! I love the flour sieve. My 14yr old sister has apparently been perfecting her baking in the form of macarons…I can’t wait to go back home and try them!

    • Thanks Winnie, I’m getting used to the car now 🙂
      Ooo hope your sis doesn’t lose the baking bug when you return! I might try and make some! X

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