First week off

Instead of getting on with some work I’ve taken home to do, I have been doing fun things, why do today what you can put off until tomorrow! I’ve been telling myself this all week along with “I’ll do some work when it rains”, finally today I completed half of my work and it also rained!



1: I made a border for my flower bed out of slate that I had in the shed, I was getting fed up with the grass creeping back and growing. 2: We meet this little kitty around the neighbourhood. 3: I invented the best toastie in the world! It consists of gouda, rocket, beetroot & mango chutney, yum! 4: This pear was crunchy, just how I like it. 5: Home made pitta burger with onion, rocket & avocado. 6: Two love birds we spotted during a feeding session. 7: First granny crochet square, I’ve now made twelve. 8: Red grape and wasabi pea snack whilst catching up on Homeland. 9: Mr Duck, love his orange shoes!


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