Calm after the storm

The last three weeks have been busy for me, I’m glad it’s over and now I have two weeks to rest and do things I enjoy!
Yesterday and today was spent wandering our village and enjoying the sunshine. We’re lucky to live near the water and wildlife, we don’t have sea views but it’s only a 5 minute or so walk away. The walk there is nice and we differ the route usually. Yesterday we walked through the meadow that has a brook running along side it and then headed towards the sea. We passed the plush water front pads with boats parked by it and then strolled up the street with posh Georgian houses. That’s the street that sat the VW camper van and Morris Minor. We eventually reached the sea and just wandering around the beach where there’s houses with gardens that back on to the beach. I can’t imagine ever owning a house by the sea, not sure whether I’d like the modern plush pad with the boat parked outside the back door or the house with garden that backs the beach… Hard choice! Haha!




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