I’ve been really fed up with my long hair as the ends were rather dry, it need a cut urgently but since after Xmas I’ve been rather skint. MOT, car tax and credit card bills has not helped the matter either! To save some about £32 I decided to cut my own hair, I did use to do this when I felt skint in the past (Uni and post grad days). To refresh my memory I did a quick search on youtube and speed watched 2-3 videos and then took the plunge. I sectioned the top and bottom horizontally then with the bottom half I parted this and snipped 3 inches off, it did help that I was wearing a stripey top! Haha. I then feathered this and then repeated with the top section. My head felt a lot lighter and I definitely felt refreshed! Overall this was fairly easy.

Long hair that needed chopping!


I don’t have an after picture but my colleagues didn’t notice so I guess that’s a good sign?!


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