Dinner out at Rasa Sayang

I’ve been in for lunch when it was relatively new a few years back and thought the food was good but quite filling especially if you’re eating alone. I was meeting my sisters for dinner and instead of the usual Chinese I decided we should try Malaysian Rasa Sayang as they haven’t been there before.

I arrived before them and decided to grab a table with bf before it filled up. I asked for a table for four and the lady seated us and asked when the other two coming which I thought was strange! She said it’s dinner time now, implying it would get busy. I wondered if she wanted us to wait outside for my sisters to arrive before getting a table. I told her in Chinese that they would be here soon and we’d eat fast! I do find that Chinese restaurant owners rude, I’ve experienced it a few times in China Town. I’m not sure whether they are only rude to other Chinese people or just rude to every nationality.

(Nasi lemak)

We ordered a dish each to share amongst ourselves; which worked out pretty well, we got a variety of noodles and rice dishes. The dishes were beef rendang – curry & boiled rice (£7.10), nasi lemak – chicken, sides & boiled rice (£7.10 ), char kuay teow – flat noodles with seafood (£6.90), Malaysian fried hokkien mee – thick noodles with chicken (£6.90 ). I thought all the dishes were rather good apart from the Malaysian fried hokkien mee as it had far too much dark soy sauce which coloured it completely black, nothing like the picture on the menu. The nasi lemak looked the most appealing as it had so many things on the plate, it came with chicken and the people that weren’t keen on dark meat made sure to order breast. I’m a leg girl myself but the breast meat was tender, it wasn’t dry because I think the chicken was cooked (probably boiled) whole and chopped up on the bone a la Asian style. The beef rendang was very flavoursome and delicious with the fluffy white boiled rice. The char kuay teow was standard, not bad, it could have had more seafood in it. Overall it was a nice change to have Malaysian street style food, we paid about £8.50 each including lemon tea and tap water.

(Clockwise: char kuay teow, nasi lemak, Malaysian fried hokkien mee, boiled rice, beef rendang.)


2 thoughts on “Dinner out at Rasa Sayang

  1. Ooh this place looks yum. I haven’t tried Malaysian cooking properly at a restaurant before. The chefs at my parents place are Malaysian and I always love the curries that they make. Oh yummers.

    Sounds like you had pretty rubbish service. I do feel that sometimes places like that are ruder to ‘fellow Asian’ customers but equally they can be extra nice too. I don’t know why though. Seems stupid.

    • I really don’t know why they are rude, we are paying customers! Lucky you get to have Malaysian and Chinese food on tap at home! Look forward to you HK food posts 🙂 x

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