Day trip to Arundel

I awoke early today but decided to stay in bed, there was no real plan today so Arundel was a last minute decision. I’ve not been since I was in middle school and taken on a school trip to the castle. It’s a lovely small town with a lot of historical buildings, mainly in a Tudor style. If you are into tea rooms you’re in luck! It’s fairly concentrated considering how small the town is.

We wandered around the streets and we encountered lots of winding passages which added to the the vibe of the town. We were mainly interested in looking in the old bookshop and a few vintage/antique shops. I enjoyed the visit though there is not exactly a lot to do there. I think I’d like to go in the summer and have a picnic up on the hill.

Stairway to the fiction books at Kim’s Bookshop

I think there’s more than 6000 books!

I like to wander into the kids section to find the ones I read when I was little.

I love these Ladybird books.

View from the top of the castle.

Antique/Vintage warehouse.

Shiny Lady Liberty.

The Walking Stick Shop! It was huge!

Interesting symmetrical garden/house.




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