Year of the dragon

This year is the year of the dragon, I’m not sure what it means exactly, it seems a lot of Chinese are wanting to give birth this year to have a dragon baby. I do find the Chinese overly superstitious and sometimes it gets a bit too much, for instance when couples book an appointment for a master to name their baby. The number of brush strokes in the Chinese characters is regarded important, if the number is wrong it’s bad luck etc etc. I’m not very superstitious but did do 2 things before CNY, but one of them was an every day routine (washing) and the other one made sense (Vacuuming), as it’s nice to have a clean house for CNY.

Anyway on the day we went to my parents house after work and my Mum made a lovely hotpot. I ate too much and only managed a tiny bit of the salted caramel cake! Hotpot is fun and I never get to have it much so I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It always reminds me of my holidays to HK. Would hotpot be too messy for a wedding? Hehe.


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