Most depressing day of the year

Today is not most depressing day of the year, apparently it’s always the 3rd Monday of January. I must say today for me wasn’t the greatest. I had to wake up to a cold morning, my car was covered in ice, I had crap hair and it was a Monday! I am extremely tired and grumpy on Mondays because I never can get a good night’s sleep on Sundays.

Although it wasn’t a great day I’m grateful that the cruise ship that sunk in Italy wasn’t the one my Mum is on! It’s the first time she’s been on one with her friend, I was quite surprised when she told me she’s booked the cruise. I wonder if they have TV on cruise ships and whether she’s seen the news? I kind of hope not!

Ziggy looking a bit worried, he’s probably not used to my DSLR point in his face as I hardly ever use it anymore! Since getting the iPhone 2.5 years ago I’ve been extremely lazy with photography, I must get back into taking photos.

Hope tomorrow is a better day.


5 thoughts on “Most depressing day of the year

  1. how can anyone like monday right?
    everyone stays up on sat, sleep in on sun, i get the grumpiness on mon.
    hopefully tmr’s a better day for you. (:

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